Youtube continues to serve me up the most NICHE gun (and most often useless) related content I’ve never seen before.

Speaking of clowns.. remember the clown nose less lethal option?  An internet classic.  Looks like Alternative Ballistics still sells the thing.


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Ok this is apparently “real”:

Alternative-Ballistics-Clown-NoseHmmmm so you mean to tell me a guy who runs a viral video page on instagram dressed as a clown (currently topical) got pistol whipped by a guy with a gun (also a hot topic)?  Yea totally not planned… I’m buying it 100%. *eye roll*.  Must be a slow news day when shit like this is reported.



A interesting looking IPSC Car stage:

It’s all fun and games, until the mini murderer brings the hail of gunfire upon you.

I can see it now…  movie coming late 2012 with the tagline “Laugh ’till you cry.  Laugh ’till you DIE.”

To make it funnier they should have packed that thing full of people and animals like a clown car.


Clowns I could do without…

…mimes I hate!

They have such a smugness to them, which makes videos like this (from the movie Reno 911?) pretty satisfying to watch. :P


You know… it just makes sense.

We need to get the military on some analysis concerning the benefits of helicopters made from clown car material V.S. enriching the soldiers with clown skills.

I know that a portion of you guys are military… run this one up the ladder for me. ;)