This guy sure knows how to make a mess:

From the same guy that brought us the Glock Vanilla Pudding Torture Test and the Glock Jello And Scrambled Eggs torture tests.

He must really like cleaning his guns.



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I’m excited about Skyfall… Coke zero in any form I am not:

The first time I tasted coke zero I thought someone was playing a cruel joke on me.  I’m all for minimizing caloric intake, but not when sacrificing taste.  Whenever I decide to drink a coke you can bet it will be the regular one… I don’t mess with that diet bullshit either.

If you haven’t seen the Skyfall trailer yet, watch it and prepare to have your mind blown.

Back to the coke zero Skyfall cans though… I’m just glad to see bond and some barrel rifling on a coke.