The amount of detail and money poured into these games is incredible:

I still can’t get over how real digi-Kevin Spacey looks.  I’m sure there are some really tedious and repetitive things that need to be done to add realism to these games, but working on such a project doesn’t seem like your “average” job.

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareHopefully this game doesn’t disappoint you guys who are looking forward to it.  A lot of skepticism seems to surround these releases now.



Check it out if you’re a fan of the pistol and video games:

I’ll add a .50 AE to my collection someday just for kicks.  Even if I didn’t shoot it on a regular basis, it would make a great paperweight.

“The game graciously overlooks the weapon’s impracticality for combat use” <– WHAT?!  I’ll pretend he didn’t say that :P

The beautiful use of Helvetica alone makes the video worth watching.

Thoughts? I know more than a few of you have Deagles.


Normally I avoid game voiceovers, but this is pretty good:

Obama-GlockDid Obama use a Ghost gun?!  I guess they are real.

That’s pretty awesome that comedian (Jason Stephens) can do such a dead-on impersonation.  I would exploit that non-stop if I had that skill.



A hipster takes a look at being a habitual line stepper with gun reality:

That guy was definitely into video games before they were cool and he wants you to know that.

2:15 – Says that he doesn’t like guns, but doesn’t care if other people have them.

The question: Should someone who doesn’t’ like guns not buy video games which license them?

Hipster-Call-Of-Duty-Moral-ChoiceMy answer: If the thought of guns scares you and goes against your morals you absolutely shouldn’t be entertaining the idea of playing games with guns unless you’re fine with being a hypocrite.

The guy in the video fully admits the hypocrisy.  haha @ 4:50 – “Stuck between a Glock and a hard place”


Hat tip: Reggie


The look at Modern Warfare 3 VS Ghosts:

Call-Of-Duty-GhostsBoostin’ that POLY COUNT SON!  I wonder if the sounds of 10 year olds with potty mouths online are clearer than every before too?  I hope so.

Really impressive actually, I’m not going to front.  I just hope there is a moisturizing code I can enter to help that dude out.

If you want to pick up COD Ghosts it’s on a $60 Nov 5th pre-order over at Amazon.


A new personalization pack they are offering:


Pick it up over at the Call of Duty store.

Cost: 160 Microsoft Points (whatever that means?).  There are also some other packs like zombies, money, snake skin…

haha why not right?  mmmm that smell on sustained auto fire tho…