coffee table

😭🤣 the video thumbnail was semi-misleading… I only slightly cringed because it had the signature piehitter-favorite punisher logo.  It was worse than I thought though, because when I clicked I was immediately treated to some threeper bullshit.

0:22 – Ok the key hole hidden behind the eye, push button knot and lever is cool.

The rest of the video is “neat”, but definitely not something I’d ever want.  I collected a lot of different things when I was younger, and it was fun at the the time.  Now I just find owning things I’m not constantly using a waste of space, both mentally and physically.

If you’re in the market for a table like that, the guy doesn’t say how much he charges.. only that you should email him at .  I checked, and the website at that address doesn’t have anything useful on it.


Gat tip: JZstudios

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If you have everything, and you are looking for something gun related and unique… J.D. Cabrera has you covered:




60” x 34” and stands 22” tall. The top is ¾” museum glass. The wood stocks of the guns were hand carved from a block of wood. The trigger guards were all created from pieces of brass and then gold plated. The gold plated balls on the end of the stocks can be turned to adjust the height of each leg. The sights have been fire blued, just as the original ball and cap muzzle loaders were.

$25,000 is the price tag.  If you’re interested email J.D. at

J.D. Cabrera’s extensive experience with firearms ranges from building single actions for Colt, lead gunsmith behind the startup of the current Henry Repeating Arms, inspecting firearms for import, building Uberti firearms in Italy, all the way to designing the Colt Pony.

I just realized I need a gigantic Glock table in my life.  Preferably porcelain Glock 7s.  I’d also settle for a Deagle brand Deagle one as long as the Deagles are gold tiger striped!