Mattv2099 the trollfessor hits it with the Starbucks medium roast:

I really didn’t think my palate was that sophisticated until I started drinking coffee from premium places and not Starbucks.  Now Starbucks tastes like burnt underwear to me.  I still drink it though on occasion because I get free refills with my Gold card.  Since I like value and am gluttonous that works out well. :P

4:26 – Oh snap his glove is ripped!  He could catch da AIDS!


Wow Starbucks tore that Glock a new asshole temporarily.  Interesting.  Ended up functioning just fine after he got that trigger working again though.



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New shirt alert!

Had to do this considering guns and coffee are among my favorite things. 

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Veteran owned:

You can check out the LockNLoad Java website – HERE

With such awesomely named blends as:

  • Smooth Operator
  • Warrior Select
  • Double Barrel Black
  • Double Tap Special Reserve
  • Charlie Don’t Surf
  • Sniper’s Choice Decaf
  • Armory Select

If you drink coffee it would probably be worth a try.   If I worked at an office I’d get it just to get a rise out of the hippies.   “Is the smell of my Smooth Operator black coffee overpowering your patchouli incense Heath? … That’s how I roll bro, I make no apologies”

The company donates $1 out of each order to military charities which is always nice too.   You can even send coffee directly to troops if you want.

Hat tip: Amber M.


With this mug:

$17 and also available in white – HERE

I’m no ceramics expert, but that trigger looks like it could be fragile.  I picture raising a full glass of hot coffee to my mouth with my finger on the trigger, then all of the sudden it breaks off and I get 3rd degree burns to the sack.  I guess that’s a reason to practice good trigger discipline even on cups.


This NEEDS to become a reality:

Nothing like combining two of my favorite things, espresso and guns. If they came up with a beer and pizza gun I’d consider my life complete.

The gun was a school project by Stefan Riegebauer, Christina Carli, Florian Kainz & Niko Schwarz at an industrial design school in Austria.

Hat Tip: Yanko Design


Wow, that’s some R rated coffee they make over there LOL.

I had no idea soldiers drank Starbucks VIA. Makes sense though, as it is quite tasty and quick and easy to make.

Hat tip: Mark M