Entertaining vid:

Coil guns are really cool, but I wish they were way more powerful.  The projectile travels way too slowly.. the highest velocity setting is 145 ft/s. If you’re not familiar with projectile speeds, to put it into perspective a 9mm bullet travels at around 1200 ft/sec.

2:46 – 😂 the golf ball.  Ouch.. that hurt to watch haha.

3:10 – Me: *bracing for the can to go in the head.. then slowly ooze out like the golf ball did*

Always enjoyable vids from this guy.  One of the few channels I have notifications turned on for.

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Technical Data:

– Action: single stage, bolt
– Power supply: 12V NiMH battery (fires about 15 times/charge)
– Charging: 40 watt regulated ZVS flyback driver (charge time ~30s)
– Capacitor bank: 4x 3900uF @ 400VDC
– Stored electrical energy: ~1.25kJ
– Switch: SCR
– Efficiency: unknown, probably 1-3%
– Body: lightweight ABS plastic pipe and sheets

Pretty cool design.

Word on the street is that he is working on a 1.21 Gigawatt version that is powered by a flux capacitor. I’m not holding my breath though.

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