Not recommended for a lot of reasons:

skip to 10:40 if you just want to see the jar opening.

CokemanIn true DGAF Cokeman fashion this video contains things most would consider unsafe, mixed with some “voices” and “characters” they do.

*smh* is all I have to say haha.

Thoughts?  I’m predicting a lot of “THIS ISN’T GOOD FOR GUN OWNERS” in the comments, because that’s what happens every time I post a Cokeman video.

P.S. – What’s the difference between a “jam” and a “fruit spread”?  Is fruit spread just more ghetto?


Cokeman, TMHonFire, and additional members of their motley gang of misfits:

0:24 – Cokman with the Deagle to the head miming a trigger pull while bullshittin with some pizza and Steel Reserve 40 oz’ers.  Girls on their way no doubt.

Random backyard shenanigans with the MP5 and 12 Ga ensue along with the usual voices.

3:15 – Cokeman’s beard is looking trés Jihad with the shaved head.  Stepping away from his Ashton Kutcher look a bit.  I feel you.

5:00 – I’ve never seen guys who like to waste more ammo shooting at absolutely nothing.  I mean I like the “feeling” of shooting a gun too… but I also like to see when a shot connects no matter what distance.  It appears they actually do aim at some stuff later on in the video for a bit with the rifles.  Oh well not my money paying for ammo, so as long as they are having fun.

Honestly besides the start of the video, just seemed like a bunch of buddies out having a good time and throwing some inside joke voices in the mix.  I don’t know how safe that wooded backstop is, but I’m going to give them the benefit of a doubt.

10:00 – oh shit a creepy mask and weird hoodie

10:24 – eeeeehhhh maybe spoke to soon.  Finger on the Deagle trigger waving around down low and the camera guy says “don’t shoot your feet”

Cokeman-AKS-74U-Bumpfirehaha shooting cow shit with the shotgun at the end.

12:55 – TMH definitely has some nice auto toys!

Hmmm so I don’t know.  What are your thoughts on these guys?  Yea 14 minutes is a lot to watch I get it.  I think I’m upgrading them mostly from Ambassadors Of The 2nd Amendment to just “weirdos having fun” for this one.


You can hate these guys all you want, but they are like no other:

CokemanLOL even the video title “It’s So Private It’s Genital” when referring to how private their shooting range is… genius.

Man those guys must have an ammo manufacture sponsor.  I’ve never seen anyone cumulatively waste so much ammo on such useless shit.

4:57 – DEAR GOD *ducks*

You know what would be so awesome, if Cokeman and the gang all had Masters degrees and PhDs, and this was all just acting.

Thoughts?  These guys are good at their craft amirite?


Cokeman and his buddy in 13.5 minutes of voices and useless trolling while shooting:

Cokeman^^^^^ LOL these guys.  Seriously Cokeman needs his own show.  It would be difficult to watch, but at the same time he would troll so hard it would be incredible.  He’d have dudes like TMHonfire (another 2nd Amendment Ambassador) guest star.

I have zero doubt in my mind that the reason no one is ever at the range when they shoot is because everyone who was there is probably like OH SHIT… then they pack up and leave as quickly as possible.

What are the chances they just show up, make a mess and then get in the car and leave?

Well it’s quite obvious there isn’t an ammo crisis anymore… that’s one thing these types of vids prove.