A troll legend.  This time he pees on his AE DE .50 for content:

hahah man.. say what you will about Cokeman, but his channel is so pure.  You know damn well he only does it for sport because it’s not like he’s making a penny off YouTube or any type of sponsorship.


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The most honest reviews in the firearms industry:

Some real solid gold hottakes contained within haha.



Cokeman2423 and his buddies:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Meme*smh* these guys.  I’m pretty sure if I watched all 21 minutes I would need to pull out an old Engineering textbook… Thermodynamics, maybe Complex Analysis or something and do some problems just to prove to myself I wasn’t made permanently dumber.

13:27 – On advanced recliner suppression – “But where’s your paperwork for that chair?” <—- LOL pure gold.

28:28 – Shooting the recliner again, but right between his legs as he’s sitting down.

Live to dodge Darwin another day boys… live to dodge Darwin another day…

Thoughts?  You want to see a full length “Cokeman and the boys” hollywood movie?


Cokeman goes in for real:

For those of you unfamiliar with Cokeman, his videos normally start off by calling everyone “fags”, and then he usually blasts a Deagle or bumpfires an AK or AR at something.

This video though is a breath of fresh air… he really blasts the YouTube gun community and a lot of it seems to be true.

My favorite line: 2:40 – “See guys, you just have to clench your butthole a certain way to get the mag to go out 0.1 second faster than the last one or else the end of the world or the nuclear apocalypse will come and you won’t know what to do” (paraphrased without profanity)

ahahhahah and he bashes Weapons Education at around 3:40

hahah there are some other good ones too, but you can just watch the video.



He does his trademarked bumpfire:

Result: it works.

I’m actually surprised he didn’t spring the for Surefire 100 Round Magazine instead.  It would be more conducive to his bumpfire lifestyle.  Maybe it’s not out yet though?

I know a lot of you hate when I post cokeman’s videos, cause it “gives the antis fuel” or something like that.  I see where you’re coming from, but I really couldn’t care less what someone that doesn’t like guns thinks about anything.  If cokeman wants to bumpfire inside his house he can go ahead and do it for all I care (actually I hope he does cause that would be facepalm-tastic) as long as no one is getting hurt.

When he’s out and about, I bet he gets a lot of questions regarding his role on “2 and a half men”.



You had to know the video was going to be from Cokeman:

The AKS-74U is one of my favorite AKs.  I had to laugh when he called Red Jacket Firearms (the guys from Sons of DERP) “Shit Jacket”

No ear plugs in either of course… what a gem this guy is.