colion noir

I’m a little late on this (busy with summer), but better late than never:

Always good to see Colion Noir on these big shows.  Bill is polite and asks good questions. He also lets Colion Noir explain himself, which is a positive.  I feel like the video ended too abruptly, but I realize Bill probably had a lot of other people to talk to that day.

A round table discussion with Bill Maher and some other:

Exposure like this is good because it gets outside of the echo chamber of the “gun community”.  Oh man lady in the red was constantly getting major applause, but it was all quiet… I’m talking tumbleweeds and crickets when Colion Noir would make a solid point.  LOL he cooked her on the enforcement of background checks. Noir did a great job despite the fact the cards were stacked against him.  His strategy of giving them the rope to metaphorically hang themselves is a good one.  Oh my dude’s plugging the branded drinkware at the end.  I figured that market was more than saturated so I never got into it… but I’m hoping he gets that money, lives lavishly, buying more luxury cars and Rolexes.



2 hours, but good so far:

I’m listening to this right now.  Good stuff.  The conversation is progressing as I expected it to.  Rolex Submariner looking one hunnid.

I figured more than a few of you guys would want to watch this if you haven’t already heard it’s up.

2:34 + 15:25 – So he doesn’t work for the NRA? *scratches head* I don’t get it.  He has been doing the NOIR show on NRATV for years now.  Is this some technicality because maybe he works for the marketing company who the NRA hired?



Episode #3:

Roast-Hand-Colion-NoirGood stuff.  Keeping the momentum going this season, I like it.

My attention span is notoriously short nowadays, but the flow of this third season manages to keep it more often than not.



NOIR live:

Cool, he’s wearing the Pictogram Fire Selector Switch t-shirt in the video!  I discontinued that one in grey, but still have some in Black.

Whenever someone is doing it live, I always think of this Bill O’Reilly clip.  hahah

Here’s a segment from the first LIVE segment where he talks about VICE’s Mark Hay’s anti-gun deception:

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOYou can read the article he’s referencing on VICE.

I like the idea. Definitely a good way to get more personal with all his fans. It also doesn’t hurt that this is all making the NRA look good in process, and less like the old fat racist violent white guy boogeyman association which a lot of people still think it is. I hope somehow at least a portion of all the videos they put out with NOIR and others, make it out of the “preaching to the choir” realm and into the living rooms of people who are on the fence about the 2nd Amendment or flat out against the fact it exists.



Colion Noir back with his 5th season of firearms and fanciness.  Here’s episode #1:

Man, the production value is impressive.  Music, camera work, editing, everything on point.

Costa looking more silver these days.  Looks like he stays in good shape still which is good to see.  Mr. Steal ‘Yo Grandma.

The part about concealed carry starting at 14 min is honest and real.

20:00 – Anti-gun round table.  Having this type of discussion on the show is interesting, and went exactly how I expected it to go.

Episode #2 on training:

Interesting point he brings up about people not thinking martial arts training is nuts, but firearms training somehow is (to a lot of people).

Dom and JJ are certified badasses. Michelle Viscusi was cool in this, and seems like she works real hard at shooting. She came a long way from being Tactical Snookie.

10:00 – Wooo ENDO Apparel sightings from this point forward!

11:00 – LOL sniffing the ammo box like a creep. Amazing.

11:25 – I really hope that’s his crib and fancy cat. Both look awesome.

15:00 – Ok I’m hungry so I had to pause it. I can guarantee this is going to turn into me watching Westworld Episode #2 and a bunch of other shows tonight, so I probably won’t finish watching this episode until tomorrow after this blog post already goes up.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadThoughts? I’m liking the direction this season is taking so far. What about you?


This happened.   Obama said it’s easier to get a Glock than a computer or book:

Holy, Al Sharpton is abrasive.  Anyway, regarding the Obama statement… I don’t know why some gun owners keep pretending (in the face of criticism like this from Obama) that guns are not EXTREMELY easy to get through some avenues.  Colion Noir even went so far as saying “I could walk to a library right now and get a book”… Yea and you’d have to SIGN UP FOR A LIBRARY CARD (last time I checked).  Sure buying a gun from an FFL is more of a pain in the ass, but why bother denying that private sales are perhaps the easiest thing on earth in most states?  This is the exact info cut as pasted from the ATF’s own website:

What recordkeeping procedures should be followed when two unlicensed individuals want to engage in a firearms transaction?

When a transaction takes place between unlicensed persons who reside in the same State, the GCA does not require any record keeping. An unlicensed person may sell a firearm to another unlicensed person in his or her State of residence and, similarly, an unlicensed person may buy a firearm from another unlicensed person who resides in the same State. It is not necessary under Federal law for a Federal firearms licensee (FFL) to assist in the sale or transfer when the buyer and seller are “same–State” residents.

There may be State or local laws or regulations that govern this type of transaction. Contact the office of your State Attorney General for information regarding any such requirements.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadIn my opinion denying or not mentioning that private transfers are indeed as simple as getting a book or a computer shouldn’t be done.  I realize Colion Noir only had about 4 minutes, but when both sides of a debate don’t give the full info on something this is where problems and arguments happen.