colion noir

Colion Noir back with his 5th season of firearms and fanciness.  Here’s episode #1:

Man, the production value is impressive.  Music, camera work, editing, everything on point.

Costa looking more silver these days.  Looks like he stays in good shape still which is good to see.  Mr. Steal ‘Yo Grandma.

The part about concealed carry starting at 14 min is honest and real.

20:00 – Anti-gun round table.  Having this type of discussion on the show is interesting, and went exactly how I expected it to go.

Episode #2 on training:

Interesting point he brings up about people not thinking martial arts training is nuts, but firearms training somehow is (to a lot of people).

Dom and JJ are certified badasses. Michelle Viscusi was cool in this, and seems like she works real hard at shooting. She came a long way from being Tactical Snookie.

10:00 – Wooo ENDO Apparel sightings from this point forward!

11:00 – LOL sniffing the ammo box like a creep. Amazing.

11:25 – I really hope that’s his crib and fancy cat. Both look awesome.

15:00 – Ok I’m hungry so I had to pause it. I can guarantee this is going to turn into me watching Westworld Episode #2 and a bunch of other shows tonight, so I probably won’t finish watching this episode until tomorrow after this blog post already goes up.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadThoughts? I’m liking the direction this season is taking so far. What about you?


This happened.   Obama said it’s easier to get a Glock than a computer or book:

Holy, Al Sharpton is abrasive.  Anyway, regarding the Obama statement… I don’t know why some gun owners keep pretending (in the face of criticism like this from Obama) that guns are not EXTREMELY easy to get through some avenues.  Colion Noir even went so far as saying “I could walk to a library right now and get a book”… Yea and you’d have to SIGN UP FOR A LIBRARY CARD (last time I checked).  Sure buying a gun from an FFL is more of a pain in the ass, but why bother denying that private sales are perhaps the easiest thing on earth in most states?  This is the exact info cut as pasted from the ATF’s own website:

What recordkeeping procedures should be followed when two unlicensed individuals want to engage in a firearms transaction?

When a transaction takes place between unlicensed persons who reside in the same State, the GCA does not require any record keeping. An unlicensed person may sell a firearm to another unlicensed person in his or her State of residence and, similarly, an unlicensed person may buy a firearm from another unlicensed person who resides in the same State. It is not necessary under Federal law for a Federal firearms licensee (FFL) to assist in the sale or transfer when the buyer and seller are “same–State” residents.

There may be State or local laws or regulations that govern this type of transaction. Contact the office of your State Attorney General for information regarding any such requirements.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadIn my opinion denying or not mentioning that private transfers are indeed as simple as getting a book or a computer shouldn’t be done.  I realize Colion Noir only had about 4 minutes, but when both sides of a debate don’t give the full info on something this is where problems and arguments happen.



Colion Noir speaks on it:

Roast-Hand-Colion-NoirColion Noir is wearing the ENDO AR-15 Builders club t-shirt in the video.  I think that’s the 3rd of 4th t-shirt I designed (shortly after I built my ARs), and it’s still one of my favorites.

I’ve watched a lot of NRA videos lately that haven’t been gun related.  I’m not sure why they are doing that, but at least this video was related to guns.

I’m looking forward to see what NOIR Season 5 is about.  If you haven’t seen NOIR seasons 1-4 you should check them out on Colion Noir’s youtube channel or the NRA NOIR website.

Better believe I’m keeping this “Noir roast hand” screencap around to use in future random posts haha. 100.



Best season yet… this is another good episode:

1:18 – Dystopian Noir looking wildly introspective in those glasses.  10/10 would have latte with, while cleaning our fingerprint readers and discussing the merits of Yeezy Season 9. Dystopian ENDO-Mike is still single, but has luxury sports cars for every day of the week, and lavish penthouse condos in 4 countries so that kind of makes up for it. #YouDoWhatYouWantWhenYourePoppin

1:47 – Begin airsoft trollin’.  Still looking like he tells bottle girls he has his PhD in Firearms, and they should call him “Doctor Noir”.

3:13 – OH damn “If you give a mouse a cookie”!  OOoooooo that’s my shit right there.

6:30 – Colion’s buddy Ja-mes is back trolling him.  I like this girl just because she can get under his skin so well, it’s pretty funny to watch haha.

7:26 – Back with Rami for “Van and chill” with his velvet pants.  This segment is always creepy.

BET-Hates-MrColionNoir13:47 – WHATTTT IS THAAAAAAAAAT? (regarding the shirt / collar) haha

16:24 – “I am not a 3 gunner” (I heard that as a nod to Supa Hot Fire “but I’m not a rapper“).



Second episode, still going strong:

I already had photoshop open and was working on “FREE NOIR” t-shirts during the first segment, before he busted out at around 3:00.

4:24 – Janice is TRIPPPPPPPPPIN again.  She’s a perfect antagonist for this kind of thing.  I just can’t picture these two chilling out together.  They must have something else in common like a love of the same music, or fashion etc. It’s almost like she knows she’s wrong when her points get shot down over and over, but she’s too proud to admit it because she has been on that for so long.

NOIR: “Hey Rami, it’s Colion Noir… yea so we still on for the interview tonight?  Where’s the best place for you to meet up?”
RAMI: “You know the alley behind the Jack in the Box on Maple Ave?”
NOIR: “Uh yea..?”
RAMI: “Well I live in a van there.  Come thru.”
NOIR: “Say no more fam.” *click*

8:12 –


10:18 – Nice… a SAW segment.  Do people pick up their links at the range?  I’m assuming they aren’t in massive supply so they probably do.  That would be a pain considering they are dark colored and small.  At least with brass it’s shiny.

MrColionNoir-California-No-Right-To-Bear-Arms12:44 – I’m finding this athletic shooting more watchable now since it doesn’t involve LaSorte and Amy (both seemed like nice people).  Basically I’m here to watch Noir for a few minutes, I don’t want to see other people shoot unless they are going to blow my mind Jerry Miculek style.


It was nice to see ENDO Apparel made an appearance in a few of the clips at the beginning. :)


Briefly defends his blackness, keeps it mad real in general:

To paraphrase: “They put my mom’s address online… I gave her a gun for protection”

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmThe guy who posted Colion’s mom’s address online knows how to use a domain WHOIS… wow what a l33t h4x0r *smh*.  I don’t even really know why that’s news worthy, mainly considering the dude has a free blog (which it appears no one even reads) on a training wheels domain which I’m not even going to bother to link because it contains a bunch of conspiracy theory bullshit about how Colion Noir is manufactured by the NRA.  Regardless of the reach of this nobody blogger who can use a WHOIS, I’m glad Colion got a chance to talk live on FOX anyway… he did well. I’m glad Elizabeth Hasselbeck was the one to interview him, not one of those other FOX bozos. I briefly Googled Elizabeth, and she seems to have a favorable stance on guns, and even voiced it on The View in the past.


Oh and since I posted the pic above… I’m going to take this opportunity to say that Keep Calm And Carry One shirts are still $14, and sizes of some colors have run out… get yours today before they’re gone!