*thinking face emoji x3*.  Well the video didn’t disappoint.  To each their own I guess *shrug* but I would have left them unpainted.

2:19 – he drilled ports to “control the fire and the recoil better”

Gat tip: B_Gerk

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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GunWebsites has a nice collection:

I don’t have most of that stuff, but I do have some of it.

Glock-LogoThat Glock keychain with the bladetec holster is hilarious.  I saw pictures from shot where someone was wearing on on their actual belt.

I used to collect a lot more things, but the older I get the more I’ve realized there’s just no point in me having “collections” because I actually NEVER even look at the stuff and all it does is take up valuable space.



Piano man FXhummel1 talks about his knife addiction in song:

Good song.  I enjoyed that he didn’t dumb down the nomenclature.  If you don’t now what something is google it!

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsMake sure to check out the 1st knife addiction song he did back in March of 2012.

I don’t have the same appreciate for knives as I do guns… I do love a good knife though.  I know some would scoff at my Spyderco Endura EDC, but so far it has opened all the champagne cases and shipping boxes I’ve needed it to so I’d say it’s working just fine.  Maybe next time I HALO jump out of a spaceship and have mid-air fights with foreign operators, I’ll be disappointed the knife didn’t hold up.



A guest post by Jesse Ingall from the blog Ideas, Thoughts and Happenings.

These firearms were brought in to be completely cleaned of rust and salt. They were flooded when the tide rose during Hurricane Sandy. They sat in salt water for a week or so.


I ran a steel brush through the barrels a bunch. Then I attempted to run a patch through one of the barrels and the pitting shredded the patch. Butt plate of a Mauser. Before and after:



You can really see the difference on the Enfield butt plate:


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This is what it would look like:

Complete with inert bejeweled hand grenades, and rocket launchers.

Larger pictures at the artist Antonio Riello’s website – HERE

Thanks for leaving the Glock alone Antonio :P

Hat Tip: hellinahandbasket