We’ve seen portions of the room in various vids, this time The Collector walks us around the whole thing:

I watch this guy’s vids and an constantly just like “Wow 😲”.  He has good taste.  He says in the YouTube caption it’s just 1 of 4 of his gun rooms.

He’s already at 250,000 subs!  Not surprised, but that was quick. I have a high level of confidence that this channel will stay “pure” too, which is great.. by that I mean I doubt he’s going to be shoehorning in ads for, OHlight, gold and viral iphone games because some company offered him a few thousand dollars.


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Good name for a mixtape.  Gotta hit The Collector’s line and cook up a hit in the stu he no doubt also has in that nice house.

VERY nice range; this guy’s humble demeanor is incredible.  If I ever can afford a $400,000 indoor range, you fellas better hope they make 4k camera filters to hide the glare off all the gold I’m wearing.  Oh no.. the gold shirt guy whose name was Datta Phuge (pictured left) got beaten to death in 2016 😫.. we really live in a society.

1:54 – 👀 SIR THIS IS A RAVE.  Should put Sandstorm on for the background music.  I would have snapped and bought some JNCO Jeans without even realizing it.

3:18 – haha the camo floor.. that’s really cool too.

4:22 – My man is really gonna shoot a Ma Deuce in his basement.  Unreal 😂.