Talon Defense x Ditch Medicine running this class:

What is this tennis ball grip maneuver? Oh ok.. “the tennis ball simulates an injury”. ūü§Ē¬†I’ll take their word for it. ¬†Oh shit right after that they actually duct taped the ball to the dude’s hand.

2:25 РPokey stick malfunctions section of the video.  The dudes all still have taped hands.

5:44 – Somebody threw the camera man the fake blood spritzer. ¬†This is gonna get real in a second. ¬†Yup… blood everywhere all over the guy’s arm while he wraps it up. ¬†After that a guy gets “hit” in the leg so he stops the bleeding on that too.

A whole load of other stuff, yelling, and maneuvers happen which I don’t know enough about to critique so I’m not going to bother. ¬†Looks like chaos. ¬†Figured you guys might want to watch it if nothing else, since it’s so intense. ¬†I hope they have showers or a lake or something at that training facility. ¬†I wouldn’t want to drive home with dried fake blood and dirt all over me and mess up my chinchilla seats (that last part was a joke).


Gat tip: Thomas


VICE with another documentary:

The Army Cadet Force has over 46,000 cadets from the ages of 12 to 18, training in 1700 detachments all over the country. The super low-cost club evenings and training camps equip teenagers with discipline and skills in anything from orienteering and military knowledge to weaponry, first aid, and sports.

Training-UK-Cadets-For-CombatNote, I have no witty comments about this documentary¬†because I am waiting until tomorrow to watch it. ¬†Right now I only have one thing to say…. “ooooooh dat camouflage pattern”.

If I shouldn’t waste my time, please let me know in the comments.



Everything seems to be going swimmingly up until 3:19:

3:19¬†– Sandwich rifle in your knee pit before you crouch down, then¬†continually muzzle sweet¬†your buddy’s head while you’re trying to help him.

Combat-Medic-Rifle-Sit-DownIs there a legit reason to do the above maneuver? ¬†It just seems to me that in addition to the muzzle direction problem,¬†it would make everything 100x more awkward and uncomfortable. ¬†This is an AR-15 for god sake, not some jam-o-matic that’s doing to cry foul when it gets some dust from the ground on it if he were to put it to his side or in front of him. ¬†Plus, if he ever needed to get to his rifle it’s an awkward spot to have it for that too. ¬†Actually he grabs it at 4:09 just before he’s about to take the injured guy away and looks like he passes it across his calves a couple times. ¬†Ross (the instructor) is a former US Navy Combat Media with several combat tours.


Gat tip: no uno


OMG “Guided Chaos” guys look:

The script would read “Opening scene, we see the shooter¬†on an indoor range which looks a lot like John Wayne Gacy’s basement”.

0:26 – Balance training always comes in handy. ¬†Personally I train on log roll though…. having it spin you around and dunk you is some bullshit, be prepared.

0:39 – Awwwwwww shit the old “No-Look/Switch Hand /Moving/Point Shoot” such a classic. ¬†You can tell him and his buddies made this shit up just to be like “HELL YEA WE OPERATE HARD BRO!”

1:00 – PURE CHAOS guys… pure uncut chaos. ¬†MY MIND WAS LIKE *KABOOM*

1:09 – I wonder what being a “Guided¬†Chaos¬†Jostler” pays? ¬†Do they have another opening? ¬†Is there an application / interview? ¬†“Where have you jostled in the past?” ¬†“Are you comfortable jostling in all types of environments, disruptive ones even?” ¬†“Ever run into any issues in a jostle? If so how did you solve them?” ¬†“Where or who do you see yourself jostling in 10 years?”

1:29 – He trains like he’s on the school yard, and those five dummies are bullies who want to give him an atomic wedgie.

Guided-Chaos-Adaptive-Defense1:44 – He’s in full flashback mode here. ¬†His mom warned him about this type of training brining up old thoughts of the past. ¬†Hear his primal UHHHhhgggggggg uHhhHHGGGGGGAaAAHHhhhhhh.

Get some more Guided Chaos over at their website Attack Proof, and find out where you can train with them. ¬†I know your mom and his mom will be besties. ¬†After your 2nd training session they’ll even collaborate and your mom might make cookies and his might make little triangle cut sandwiches with the crust removed.

Thoughts? ¬†I bet he’s asked his mom so many times if he could get the Guided Chaos logo tattooed on his lower back. ¬†She keeps saying no.

Hat tip: Caleb


Unbelievable pictures:

As in the ruins of Beirut, Sarajevo or Stalingrad, the conflict in Syria is a sniper’s war. Men stalk their fellow man down telescopic sights on suburban streets, hunting a glimpse of flesh, an eyeball peering from a crack, using decoys to draw their prey into giving themselves away. During weeks spent tracking the fluid frontline of the battle, veteran war photographer Goran Tomasevic provided daily evidence of an escalating conflict that the UN estimates has killed over 100,000 people. Tomasevic photographed with exceptional proximity as combatants mounted complex attacks, managed logistics, treated their wounded, buried their dead – and died before his eyes.

He talks about minimizing the risk, but I really don’t see how that’s even possible most of the time where he is. ¬†Twenty years in the field though obviously means he knows what he’s doing. ¬†I would have figured that in unorganized wars fought between some of those countries, with little to no set rules of engagement, they wouldn’t have any respect at all for photographers. ¬†It’s nice to see there is still some honor obviously, and they are not just shooting everyone in sight. ¬†It’s interesting when you think about how the simple cropping of a picture, or a caption put on it can affect someones thoughts. As a photographer of this type I would always be worried about how my pictures were being used.

Goran-Tomasevic-Combat-PhotographerMore information about Goran Tomasevic and his work on his Reuters page.  Interesting that the first picture on that page was the one of the U.S. Marine ducking down behind a wall as a piece of it explodes into his face from enemy gunfire.  I remember what a stir that picture caused when it came out.  Incredible shot.

Question: What would you rather photograph…. Hot Shots calendar girls, or combat? ¬†Best of both worlds and the Hot Shots girls IN combat maybe? haha you wish.

Hat tip: Marc


You haven’t really trained until you’ve trained under operator Ben Goldstein:

Elite operator combat training course instructed by a Tier Zero Israeli operator commando asset who has operated on multiple organic full spectrum dynamic systematical operational operations. With this training develop an aggressive operator warrior mindset that breeds a kinetic nonlinear response to exploit and dominate the enemy in an unconventional and asymmetric fashion.

Wow right out of the gate my mind was blown with this vid:

0:11 – Adjusting (wtf?) loaded handguns in student’s hands. ¬†The closest Glock is loaded says the chamber indicator anyway so I’m assuming they are all loaded getting ready for a drill.

0:15 – In case of home invasion distract intruder by putting non shooting hand up by ear holding up all 5 fingers while awkwardly rotating your body to shoot from the stomach

0:25 – “Using Proven Israeli Methods” followed by the most epic trigger slapping I’ve witnessed in a while. ¬†It even went on past slide-lock. Bravo sir bravo…

0:54 РSwinging a yellow pole angrily at the students.  That stress training to create a positive warrior mindset.

1:14 – “You will train to become a warrior. A person that moves towards the sound of gunfire, not away from it”. ¬†Yea something tells me no carry class in the country, nor any¬†reputable¬†firearm self defense course is going to tell you to fight someone else’s battle.

1:27 – Approximately 10 seconds to get an AK ready to fire. ¬†You’re dead old man… pick a new rifle or leave self defense to the young¬†whippersnappers.

1:41 – I’m loving the¬†exaggerated¬†perimeter¬†scan. ¬†Very Hollywood. ¬†Upside down AR-15 mag in some kydex too is operator. ¬†That fool’s kydex got mo’ retention than a motherfucker.

1:47 – Flap your arms with your handgun and your mag before every reload.

1:59 РDid he seriously train this girl to shoot like that?  Eyes closed, elbows bent, shitty grip

2:07 – “You won’t have a choice, because he just forced combat on you” – SURPRISE COMBAT!

2:22 – “Train hard and prepare for the worst” I’m thinking with these guys should be more like “Train the worst and prepare to fail hard.”

2:24 – I burst out laughing at this – “THIIIIIIIS is trigger control” *agressive mag toss* ¬†He might as well just finished that sentence with “you stupid sons of bitches” because it was about as¬†belittling.

2:28 – And were back to walking infront of students with (probably loaded) guns

2:43 – LOL verbally bitch slapped this guy into a kneel / reload / fire then goes into some dialogue like a hypnotist.

3:08 – Once again, some more loaded guns to walk infront of and adjust

3:14 – “We always attack, we never give up, we never die”

3:38 РSweet grip brah.  Make sure you get that thumb behind the trigger so you can make it reset quicker to satisfy your operator needs.

3:52 – “SCAHHHHHHHN SCAHHHHHHN” *everyone puts non trigger hand up by head and looks around like idiots*

4:23 РBecome your greatest fear with Israeli Combat Training.  Well my greatest fear is being a Tier 0 Derperator so I think I found the right place.

5:21 РOh shit the tactical yellow pole is back.

5:54 РCharging on the come-up.  Definitely adding that move to my bag of operational tricks.

6:10 – I’ve seen butter that wasn’t as smooth as that transition.

7:00 – Probably the most awkward and useless looking drill I’ve ever seen.¬†

7:23 – Old white dude¬†attempts¬†the same drill with added yelling from the instructor. ¬†“Scan… breathe… Bring it in… bring it in… fucking awesome. I SAW your first shot I SAW them right here.”

Operator-Ben-Goldstein-Israeli-Combat-TrainingIs this real life? ¬†I appears so. ¬†They even have a website. ¬†If you live in the Southern part of Florida, Memphis TN, or in Little Rock AR, it looks like you can get training from these guys pretty easily. ¬†If you don’t, no need to fret, according to their class schedule page they will travel anywhere in the country for training sessions.


Hat tip: Ryan