This is apparently humor:

Sometimes I just post stuff on here just because.  This video is actually painful to watch.  I am in physical pain as I type this.  Lucky I have a cookie to get me through it.

She originally posted it on Facebook and it’s up to 16.2M views.  Astonishing.  According to her Twitter account she is a comedian.  Not surprising… in 2015 you can tell people you are whatever you want to tell them online.

How is it possible that lady looks better from the angle in the top video?  Here is an update video which is surprisingly even more painful to watch:

Ugh, I really need to hire someone to watch this type of bullshit for me.


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For a comedian he’s not very funny without a prepared script:

I bet he thought his “the president of the united states is our boss” and “They are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country” thing would absolutely slay the crowd… but all he got was a few smirks and sympathy chuckles… because yea it sucked.

So let me get this straight… the president is OUR boss? haha right…

From when Chris Rock was actually funny:


If you’re not already familiar with the Demand A Plan To End Gun Violence celebrity hypocrisy campaign, check the links.



This is pretty awesome:

Steve-Greene-Gun-Control-ComedyIts all been said before, but when you throw in swears and ridiculous comparisons it’s fun to watch.

hahah that Demand A Plan bit he did at the end was priceless.


Hat tip: Smerdyakov


Sometimes I find Tom Green funny, other times I feel like he tries too hard to be funny and it ends up being far from funny.  He doesn’t seem to be trying in this, nor is he funny in it (besides at 6:40), but I figured some of you guys would want to see it anyway.

For the most part Canadian comedy is like British comedy for me.. I don’t really “get” how it’s funny most of the time.

“Who would have thought i’d meet Tom Green EH? In the middle of Afghanistan EH?” <– That guy must have been a plant.

I love the weapons handling.. he just asks if its loaded and takes their word for it. *Facepalm*


From The Richard Pryor Show (1977):

Interesting idea, but I hate anti-gun crap like this. It would be better with some pro-gun voice overs.