Worth listening to if you want a few laughs:

I’m always down for some gun related standup ūü§£.

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She’s treading boys:

I see what she’s trying to accomplish and get some laughs, but meh I’ve seen a lot funnier anti-gun rants. ¬†Doesn’t make me want to watch the special if that’s the best she could come up with. ¬†It seems to me that the the best way to make quality jokes about something is to actually KNOW that something you’re making jokes about… not just google a few gun rights talking points and mention them in a flabbergasted tone.



Leeland-Yee-De-Leon-Ghost-Gun-PalsRegardless of his stance on guns, the shit is hilarious. Watch it. The gun control talk starts at 1:19 if you want to skip there.

Thoughts?  Do you find gun control jokes not even funny? haha


Making annoying day to day interactions go a bit smoother:

Simpsons-Gun-Loudenerhaha nice. ¬†First comment “grendelprime 1 day ago –¬†You are quite correct, with that mentality, you should choose not to carry a firearm.” ¬†<— Damn, ever heard of comedy bro?

I feel like I’ve been slacking on my stand up comedy watching for the past few years. ¬†I refuse (for now) to get netflix or any type of TV subscription… so unless it’s free online then I’m out of luck.



Jim Jefferies be like “I’m all for the 2nd Amendment BUT”:

I really wouldn’t expected that to go over as well as it did with the crowd, they were cracking up.¬† He’s in Boston though, so that might have something to do with it. ¬†I know I don’t have to point out the flaws in his “comedy” with you guys, because they are extremely¬†obvious.

Holy that was a long 16 minutes. ¬†Please don’t waste part of your lunch break watching the video, then get pissed off at me that you’ll never get that time of your life back. ¬†haha, but if you have it on while you’re supposed to be working like most of you will… I suppose that wont be as big of an issue.

I have to admit the “you’re bringing guns to a drone fight” and the musket joke at the end made me laugh. ¬†Not enough to make me want to download all this douchebags comedy and binge watch it though.


Hat tip: Weerd


Freddiew and the comic duo:

Key-And-PeeleThat tiger strip camo tho…

LOL I’d quote a few parts in this video, but they are all funny as hell so just check it out.

Key and Peele are so epic.