For all you picky #foreveralones:


I saw another good one where she answered “Hi-Point” and he called NEXT haha.

Does a girl’s taste in firearms and/or general knowledge of them factor in for you?  Is it just enough that she doesn’t hate them?  Maybe just as long as she doesn’t wear notch hats, tactical arm tape, a life helmet backpack, and carry a Hi-Point?

Hat tip: Zane


ISIS orientation:

Full-Clip-Gear-2Obvious jokes are obvious.  I like the show, but I found that nothing on it surprised me so ultimately I kind of lost interest.



An animated Mattv2099 operates in food zombie operations:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelNot sure why “food zombies”… I felt like I was watching something fueled by some sort of crazy tactical drugs.

Matt is wearing the Pistol Whip t-shirt from ENDO Apparel at the end of the video.



A new cartoon about the constitution, with this particular episode about the 2nd amendment:

constitutionLOL surprisingly good.  If you can’t take jokes poking at gun owner stereotypes, and don’t like SouthPark style humor you’re not going to find it funny though.

If you click through to the Fox Bros. Studios YouTube channel there are two more Conrad vids up, one on the 2012 election and one one drones. They are both hilarious.



Obviously the “demand a plan” thing failed… so now they are just skipping straight to demanding action:

Watch it in 1080P, Visually stunning… I don’t know who most of those cartoonists are, but their work is pretty unique for the most part.

I was agreeing with the video at first because I thought it was pointing out how many defenseless people get killed.  Troll successful.  Just kidding… I knew I was being trolled. Too bad we couldn’t troll back in the comments, not that I blame them for blocking them.  The vid is narrated by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore, if you’re looking for two more actors to boycot.  Some of you guys won’t be able to watch a hollywood movie if it isn’t starring Bruce Willis, Brad Bitt, or Angelina Jolie. haha  I’ll tell you what, if Philip Seymour Hoffman comes out with a BBQ sauce, I’ll boycott the shit out of that.


Hat tip: Art


A great new webcomic about guns.

The comic follows a 29 year old guy named Mick who works at a gun store in Texas.  He’s got problems with girls, crazy customers, his boss, and his love of guns… all of which play out in a funny way in the comics.

The fist comic went up September 3rd 2012, and has been going strong Monday to Friday every day since!  I sure hope they don’t lose their momentum any time soon.

I figured I would put up an example of the humor you’ll find in the comic.  This one is called Working In Retail Is Like Working In Hell:

Head over to the Failure To Fire site, add it to your bookmarks or do like I did and subscribe to their RSS feed.


Hat tip: Dallas