Comilla Sasson

Indisputable facts only:

2:37 – “These bullets are traveling three times the speed of light.”

She goes on to say some other factually incorrect firearm things later in the video.  I get it, she’s nervous to be on TV and shook up over the whole situation;  I would be too, but misinformation like this is doing nothing but getting people even more worked up and scared.  Will MSNBC correct or delete this video?  My guess is absolutely not.  If anything I’d expect them to cook up ways to double down on the hysteria.  If it were me, I’d probably mention that it only takes A mere 1.25 seconds for 1 shot from an AR-15 to get to the Moon if you were to aim the rifle straight up into the air and shoot.  

I typically don’t talk about horrible world events on here, but this whole trend of blaming everything but the mental health of bozos who do terrible things is clownish and embarrassing.


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