Comme Des Garcons

MrColionNoir talks about Gun Control in a vacuum:

Let me break the ice on this post with a little joke:

What do gun control and vacuums have in common?  They both suck.  *ba dum tssssss*

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOHypebeastin’ and kicking knowledge.  This is a damn good video that raises a bunch of very good questions the anti-gun should be asking themselves.

I have a few apples left to eat tonight, so I don’t have time to look at the comments but I’m sure some guys were like “Why does your shirt have a heart with eyes sir?”.  Then they find out the brand from someone down with menswear / streetwear, google it and flip out about the price. haha people just don’t get it Collins.  I knock your hypebeast tendencies but truth be told I have them just as bad, people just don’t see me in front of the camera.  I don’t need the fame, I’m just happy blessing the general public with the fly kit I rock daily. ;)