Three new faces to the NRA News Commentators team:

Nikki Turpeaux:

Chris Cheng:

Gabby Franco:

bruno-gayMore diversification.  Still, I feel like there are two groups that are being grossly under represented.  The first being old geezers.  Really old people generally don’t own computers, or if they do they have no idea how to use them so I guess that demographic isn’t worth going after online when they naturally prefer to get their gun information delivered in hard copy form directly to their house by horse.  The second group that the NRA isn’t representing, is the gay community.  How awesome would that be if some enthusiastic pro-gun flamboyantly gay queen in a feather boa and make-up was a commentator?  The sheer amount of jimmies that would rustle could be quantified by the 1000 comments that would appear on his videos every 2 minutes.  Some would denounce the NRA, while others would celebrate its KEEPING IT REAL and willing to take a risk.  NRA even rhymes with GAY, so all the protest signs basically write themselves.

UPDATE: I was informed that Chris Cheng is gay. Keep calm and carry on.



The newest NRA news commentator:

I had no idea who this guy was, so I googled him… turns out he has a custom car/motorcycle shop called The Garage.  I’m definitely more of a stock config + basic low-key tasteful but large rims kind of guy, but I looked through his gallery and he does some really nice work.

NRA-News-Austin-WeissThis first video is really an intro one, as the title says… nothing really groundbreaking in it.  Thankfully he only mentions his tattoos twice, which was nice.  Guys with tattoos talking about their tattoos is normally an epidemic.

I’m looking forward to future vids Austin puts out.. I’m sure they will be worth watching.



A guy we know, is a new NRA news commentator:

0:12 – people are going to be like “Oh noEs the illuminati”.   Whoever did the after effects for this video should do all the videos, they are great!  Real clean looking, and good choice of fonts, graphics, and everything.

I know the black shirt is his thing, but they really should turn the contrast down if they are going to use a white background. It looks like that black shape was just masked over on the computer, and there are arms and a head coming out of it.  I liked it better in his own videos when it was him with a black shirt, and a blacker background.

AmidsTheNoise-NRA-NewsAmidsTheNoise (Billy Johnson) always has good things to say… I found this video hard to follow though.  Maybe it was because of that annoying background music?  The videos on his channel were always easy to concentrate on because it was just him spewing out facts and excellent points… nothing else. In this video he is talking AMIDST actual noise… ironic.