Glock and Gunny back at it:

I assumed they gave up on the “somebody picked the wrong ______”, because we had not seen a video with that theme in a few years.   Here are a couple of the past ones to jog your memory, if you care.  Maybe they pulled this film one from the archives?  Out of the few comments on YouTube, it seems in general people are unimpressed.

I bet Gunny probably has a pretty sweet deal with Glock.  Would be an exhausting life though at that age to have to show up at all the major gun shows and hear the same story over and over, and to have people likely be relentless with the Full Metal Jacket related references.


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A very cliche commercial from Glock:

I’ve poked fun at their other commercials in the past.  Visually they are always really well put together, but they always have that fake / forced feeling to me.  This one for instance… the “all walks of life” type message was just overbearing.  Yea I get it.. you can be a soccer mom, you can be a cop, you can be a lawyer, you can be a construction worker, you can be Amanda Furrer etc.. etc.. and this gun is perfect for you if you want to conceal carry.  You can read the specs on the G43 in the previous post I did, where it had me feeling some type of way.  Still want, even though I’m none of the video targeted demographics, and feel kind of left out they didn’t include my demographic *insert standard self deprecating humor here :P* in the mix.

Asian-Kid-Glock-ToothbrushUnsurprisingly there is at least one person in the comments yelling about how irresponsible advocating purse carry is.  *shrug* whatever works for you.  Sure there are obvious disadvantages when it comes to access, and easily being disarmed etc.. but it’s probably better than nothing.  It’s still concealed at least, and therefore definitely a wildcard for a scumbag.  Unless some women were to change 100% how they dress, proper on body concealment just isn’t possible without major printing.  Soccer mom purse carry lady in the video for instance… I don’t care how thin that gun is, when you throw a holster around it and stick it in her waistband it’s going to print through those tight pants and tight fitting top.  Sure she could wear a cover garment, but it looks hot there so she probably wouldn’t be comfortable in it.  I don’t think it’s bad that Glock shows purse carry in the video.  People are free to make their own decisions, hopefully which they evaluated the pros and cons of themselves.




Behind The Scenes:

I don’t know why we needed an EXTENDED CUT (shown above) so bad… when the original commercial from April was basically the same thing.  I’ll admit, I have a bit more respect for the commercial now that I see they needed to nail that last part in one smooth take.  The guy-worried-about-efficiency in me though was like “Couldn’t they just have just used the guy walking in front of the camera at 0:47 as a cut, and 1:04 as a cut as well?”.

Crooks-And-Castles-New-Era-Glock-Grind-HatTHE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE COMMERCIAL —> 1:25 that guy places the step stool.  I died.  When you see the operator step off the stool at 1:30 you see the explosive he placed was at eye level… hardly out of reach, requiring a stool.  Perhaps this is something from the SPBO (Special Plane Breaching Operators) handbook I’m not privy to?

Do you own one of these G41 High Speed Low Drag military pistols yet?  Can civilians even own such weaponry that can take down small aircraft?


Sig really strikes the primer with this one (har har har):

Sig-P320-CommercialNice one.  I don’t know anything about the pistol, but I like the commercial.  Looks like a copy of a Glock to me, because yes all polymer frame striker fired pistols are Glock copies to me.

They have a website called Sig Evolution you can check out if you wish. I have to admit that MPX looks pretty sweet.



Using yoga pants to sell a firearm:

S&W-M&POk so what I got from that it’s good for wear with yoga pants and dad wear.  Good looking out S&W for actually listening to customers!

Initially I thought the commercial was headed in the direction of the sexualized Glock 42 commerical I blogged about a while back.



Not you, you regular-joe peasant:

I don’t know what these guys problem with that plane is, but they appear to have a fair amount of speed and a significantly low drag coefficient.  Hell they’re even wearing Kryptek Typhon camouflage, which is known to increase operational success by 30 – 40%.

Maybe that was Cliven Bundy’s private ranch jet, and they are the BLM coming for their taxes?

glocknade0:54 – Did he throw a .40 Glock?  Is that was exploded?  hahahha easy joke I know.

Thoughts?  Do you still like your military style police polymer assault pistols as much as I do?