24 minutes of this.  Impressive:

Man this is intense; No wondering it has 283,000 views haha.

I would ask “whose mans is this?” but when you see someone make a 24 minute video on NERF darts I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say he’s single. haha :P


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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while:

Readers-Of-One-Gun-Blog-See-AnotherLOL We all have our niches and the stereotypes that surround them.

It’s good to see gun blogging flourishing like it is. The Firearm Blog is a true OG in the gun blog game. The way the original owner Steve ran that site years ago partially inspired me to start ENDO in 2008. The Truth About Guns, although newer (est. 2010) as a whole is a beast, and definitely in it for the long run… that is unless the owner Robert Farago gets made an offer he can’t refuse by the mainstream media, and takes it because the lure of twelve more Ferraris, matching gold 1911s, Saddam’s AK-47, and more oceanfront property is too strong. ;) Keep up the good work guys.

I know saying this is probably redundant because you guys follow those blogs already too, but if not make sure to hit the links above to check them out.


An interesting talk that is definitely worth watching:

Every time I see one of these types of scientific videos where they talk about wounds, I realize how bad I never want to be shot.

The rifle v.s. handgun pictures he shows are especially frightening.

LOL at the zombie target joke at around 13:12.


  • Handguns are not as deadly as most people think.  6 out of 7 people survive their injuries
  • It’s impossible to assess injury severity at scene properly
  • There are often no exit wounds
  • Handguns have a very low penetration depth
  • Be concerned about airways
  • The most likely death is due to hemorrhage
  • Quick transport to OR is key

Moral of the story is that if you’re going to get shot you better hope it’s with a handgun.  On the flip side of that Clint Smith’s saying  “The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down.” definitely holds true, because you’re going to want a rifle (if you have the option) to stop the threat.


Hat tip: Arthur


Military times compares 21 AR-15 grips.  You’ll get to read their opinion, and see a nice side profile and rear profile of each grip as pictured above.

Thank god someone is willing to put in the work for that type of comparison.  Looks too much like work to me!

I thought I had my ear to the streets of AR-15 parts & accessories, but apparently not.  I had not heard of a number of the grips in the review!

What make/model of trigger are they runnin on the AR in the pics?  It’s got no curve at all to it! (yet another thing I apparently don’t know about haha)



A very long internet classic:

AR15: You can pick off prairie dogs at 300 meters all day long
AK47: You can pick off a deer pretty easy at 300 meters
Mosin-Nagant: You get out of your truck, see an elk on top of a hill, and realize you really can use iron sights that far.

AR15: You measure your misses by sub MOA measurements
AK47: You miss and, and aim a bit lower this time.
Mosin-Nagant: Even if you miss the shockwave of the bullet will kill the animal.

AR15: You are careful to keep in clean in the field.
AK47: You don’t worry so much about some dirt getting in it.
Mosin-Nagant: It still has gritty grease inside it from when the Finnish army put it into storage.

AR15: Your bayonet will do an alright job of butchering your kill if needed.
AK47: The bayonet doubles as a decent hunting knife.
Mosin-Nagant: Your bayonet can be used to spit roast an entire pig.

AR15: Nice and light for carrying over obstructions.
AK47: Handy package for carrying over obstructions.
Mosin-Nagant: You can pole vault over obstructions.

AR15: Can’t run dry or you get seizure.
AK47: Can run dry, but may cause laquered ammo to stick in chamber.
Mosin-Nagant: Just handling the bolt gives it enough oil to operate smoothly.

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Google added a new search filter option to their advanced search page called “Reading Level”… Hilarity ensues below:

38% of the content is intermediate… not too bad I guess right?

Hmmm… looks like Steve from TheFirearmBlog has me beat intellectually but not by that much.

Linoge from WallsOfTheCity always has intelligent things to say.  No surprise he ranks high in intermediate… I am surprised he has 0% in Advanced though.  (chalk a win up for my sub 1% hehe)

LOL Apparently Say Uncle writes for the upper crust of the gun blog world. who knew?  He even beats out The New Yorker and Harper’s .. and those are some high-class hoity-toity sites.

In all fairness I assume my low ranking is probably due to my typos and extensive use of colloquialisms (that last word ought to boost me up .001% in Advanced). Lucky my goal was never to mold the minds of the world leaders and scholars of tomorrow.

Sorry if this blog is making you dumber than when you started following it. :P