Lil’ documentary from Taurus:

1:32 – His shirt reads “Always keep the WOLF near the surface” ūüėā

Taurus did a nice job on this vid.  Definitely has VICE vibes.

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0:14 – Uh Oh… mans sporting a Springfield Armory logo. ¬†I did some googling and it looks like he’s captain of the Springfield Team (since 1985)… hmmmm I wonder if he finds that problematic after the recent debacle?

I was half considering pretending I didn’t know who Rob Leatham is, but reconsidered since I’m really not in the mood for death threats, white knighting, and the various other drama that comes with people being upset on behalf of¬†someone else haha.

Is that some sort of World Champion Shooters Only type ear pro?  Why are they sticking off his head like 92 inches on each side? ahhaha



Larry Vickers AKA Mr-important-and-famous-frowny-pants visits a special forces training competition in Russia:

haha 2:33 the Russian guy turns into the LAV with the pointing, and tells Larry to “Listen”.

LOL 2:52 – “If the operator shoots a bystander target as a punishment he must write 12 letters to his imaginary relatives” and run 3 kilometers for each hole.

This video was kind of cool.. high production value, and some Russian operators doing a few neat things. ¬†All in all I’m liking LAVs new vids.




Real talent?  Or just model level hotness?

Let me start off by saying I know absolutely zero about¬†competitive¬†shooting. ¬†It interests me as much as wasting my valuable time watching people play any other sports such as football, baseball etc. ¬†The objective of professional competitions normally are to try and win though… so I find Glock’s¬†acquisition¬†of Michelle Viscusi interesting to say the least.

Is she really good enough to roll with the rest of Team Glock?

“While I am new to competitive shooting, I am not new to the world of competitive sports.‚ÄĚ
-Michelle Viscusi

She was a disappointing 5th out of 18 people to be eliminated on Top Douchebag season 4. ¬†I never watched the show so I can’t tell you if she got screwed somehow on that, but I’m sure the producers would have loved to have her on there for ratings if they could have somehow swung it. ¬†Also,¬†I’ve never seen her shoot, and before someone makes some¬†smart-ass¬†comment about how well I can or cannot shoot I’ll save you the trouble and say I know she can shoot better than me. ¬†That said, I find it incredibly hard to believe that out of every professional level man or woman that should have been on Glock’s radar, she was the best. ¬†Best looking, possibly… but best shooter? ¬†What is the purpose of Team Glock anyway? ¬†Is it just a PR machine to strut around at trade shows and have a presence in the¬†competitive¬†shooting world? ¬†Does winning or losing really not matter?

You can read the full press release / interview with Viscusi over at Military Times. ¬†After reading the article there is no doubt she is a hard worker, but I still question if all her practice and recent dedication has got her skills at par with the other competitive shooters that took years to get where’s shes now at.

With Tori Nanonka also on the team, Glock is definitely going to have some killer calendar material if they ever want to raise some money.



Chick lean?  Or proper small bore rifle shooting stance?  Either way this girl is relevant to my interests.

This is probably a stupid question, but will she be shooting a laser gun at the Olympics?

I know the point of those rifles is accuracy, but they look extremely nerdy.  I wonder what she could do with a larger caliber rifle?


Hat tip: Brent P.


From the 2012 MGM Ironman:

hahaha @ the zip line! ¬†That looks intense. ¬†Everything goes swimmingly until around 36 seconds…

Nothing warms my heart like seeing guns worth thousands messing up haha

Looks like both of today’s posts are about shooting competitions. ¬†You get what you get…

You can read more on the MGM Ironman at their website.