*sobbing* LOL somebody come get their girl:

This is how it works.

The quick pins and the mag drop are a combined price of $200 from Cross Armory.

Painful.  So painful.  Every time I see one of these California related products I piece of me dies.  I’m still on an IV recovering from the Bolt Action Glock conversion, and the magazine sidecar loader.

Thoughts?  You thinking of getting into this flaming dumpster of a market?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Thank god for those California laws.  This stock/grip setup would be unusable for a criminal… not to mention the fact that a criminal couldn’t just put a regular stock and grip on the gun if he wanted to:


Oh wait he could just do that, and I forgot, criminals don’t follow laws.  Anyway, this stock looks kind of stupid, but is probably fairly comfortable to shoot with if you’re looking for something for your California AR-15 that will make it not an “Assualt Rifle” according to the law there.  One real bonus is that apparently as long as you don’t have a flash hider on the end of your barrel, or a forward pistol grip you are allowed to shoot pre-ban regular capacity (30 rd) magazines, and you don’t need a retarded bullet button.

You can buy a “pre-production” model right now for $190.  Lots more pics also over at the link for you to check out.  Unless you’re in a big hurry, I’d probably wait until early 2013 when they have the production model ready for sale, because I am assuming it will be quite a bit cheaper.

Nothing warms my heart more than when people find new ways to legally circumvent stupid gun laws.