Confronting dudes to fight in Compton, then getting half naked:

la-gang-signsStaged?  Seems likely.  I highly doubt almost all people would actually run away like in the video.

3:25 is how I figured more would have gone down… gun pulled out.  Very minimum I was expecting quite a few to end in a quick jab to the face of one of these jokers, mankini or not.

Thoughts?  Predictions on some amateur idiots trying this for real and ending up dead on the news?

P.S. – I actually like the new Dre “Compton” album despite the reviews.  I still have to see the Straight Outta Compton movie.

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Damn, and I was just in Los Angeles.

From their website

The mission of LA GANG TOURS is to provide an unforgettable historical experience for our customers with a customized high-end specialty tour. We will provide customers with a true first-hand encounter of the history and origin of high profile gang areas and the top crime scene locations in South Central, Los Angeles. Each tour bus for LA GANG TOURS will have a guide from the South Central areas who has gained hands on knowledge and experience of the inner city lifestyle.

Best quote from the L.A. Times article:

“I’m not saying you have to stop shooting each other,” Lomas said. “Just allow me a certain time in the day. . . . Just let the bus go through.”

Sounds Dangerous.

Interesting though…