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Kevin with some sage advice:

Worth watching. The best response is no response.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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You kno the III%sraeli vibes. 📷@acdef

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haha basically.



Oh man… sometimes I wish we could go back to the time of strictly leather holsters and wheel guns.  Check this out:

Yup… that IS what the name implies.

The cringy promo video, in case you haven’t already seen enough:

The name Gundershirt is cool and all… ya sure I guess it’s somewhat of a shirt, but I’m guessing they only called it that because Gunderwear was already taken 😏.  Even the material is more underwear-like than shirt-like. Imagine NEEDING your gun immediately to save your life, so you quickly lift up your shirt to get at it… but then you also have to remove some gun panties off of it. Like I always say… train like you fight. You better be taking that thing to the range, dry fire practicing at home etc. with it until you’re so good you wore holes through an ENDO’s dozen (14) of these gundershirt gun panties because you’ve been training so hard.

I can’t believe this video and product has been out since at least Nov 12, 2018 and only came across my radar now.  Incredible haha.

Thoughts?  You picking one up so you don’t get unsightly redness from chafing on your Sheepdog ponch?


Magnets… how do they work?  This is what innovation looks like:

I’m so charged up after reading these details:

  • UNIQUE DESIGN FOR MAX COMFORT: Smooth nylon-plastic flexes to fit contour of back and spreads pressure evenly to eliminate pressure points ** Gun never touches skin ** Comfortable when seated in chair or car (feels similar to lumbar support) ** Bands can be individually adjusted and moved to fit any body type ** Bands are thin and minimalist to prevent sweating
  • MAGNETIC RETENTION: Strong neodymium magnets hold gun in place ** Gun only comes out from sustained horizontal pull during draw ** Will never accidently release from sudden impact or jarring ** Draw gun in under 2 seconds while standing or sitting ** Pocket maintains shape for easy reholstering ** Designed for right hand draw
  • COMPLETE CONCEALMENT AND SAFETY: Gun disappears into recess of lower back under any basic shirt ** Gun stays in uncommon position which helps avoid detection ** Draw motion looks similar to pulling out wallet ** Muzzle never pointed at body while worn or drawn ** Trigger guard fully protected
  • FULL MOBILITY: Allows full unrestricted range of movement and mobility during standing, sitting, jogging, sprinting, or jumping ** Limited stretch elastic bands will automatically adjust to fit in different positions standing or sitting or during movement ** Wearable with any type of clothing (undershirt recommended for extended use) ** No belt or oversize jeans required ** Perfect for undercover or off-duty law enforcement
  • FITS MOST GUNS: Excellent fit for all Glocks and similar fullsize, compact, and subcompact polymer-framed semi-autos with streamlined controls ** NOT RECOMMENDED for heavy, metal frame guns or guns with large controls (decockers, manual safeties, or oversize slide releases) as commonly found on full-size 1911’s, sig sauer’s, or CZ’s. Slimmer handguns with large controls may still fit if overall width is similar to glock) ** NOT RECOMMENDED for use with revolvers

Incredible.  They call it the “Got-Your-Back-Holster”.  Sold at Amazon for $44 if you have a flock that needs protecting.  I’m sure that NRA t-shirt can be picked up from the NRA.  Man, I really need to make at least one cringe shirt; “Keeping good people free and bad people at bay” LOLOL man I love the sentiment obviously but holy man that’s weapons grade cringe.


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I had this in the drafts still for some reason.  This is priceless:

The post I did on IG a few days ago with the meme (left) generated some funny comments.

Everything about this product screams parody…. plot twist: It’s real and you can buy one for $130 here.  Oh and like you even had to ask, yes it’s patented ahhahah.


Gat tip: @connorwelles @anmut


A lesson in concealed gut carry:

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Thanks a lot to everyone who sent a picture and/or video of that in.  You guys really know ENDO material when you see it haha.

I guess they were hanging out to film this music video together.  A couple guns in it, but ultimately not worth the watch.

Thoughts?  Would operate with these ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment?