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Meh, he touches on some good points though:

Open-Carry-Most-Interesting-Man-In-The-WorldI’m surprised he didn’t mention fanny packs, despite the video thumbnail is a picture of fanny pack draw.  Those are so nerdy and not #Menswear approved, but neither are dumb satchels.  You gotta do what you gotta do to stay alive though.  If you’re going to go off body, I say go big or go home and carry an AR-15 SBR in a tennis racket case.  You know what… even that’s kind of lame; what you need is a hockey bag with wheels FULL of all types of guns and ammo that you just wheel everywhere with you.  No one is going to second guess it either as long as you have shitty hockey hair to look the part, and a stick of some sort.  It’s almost too genius.

Remember JohnnyIShootStuff’s plastic bag carry?  That would be considered off-body I suppose (even though you’re actually carrying it.  Quite risky though in a lot of environments.  You’re definitely not going to be setting down your plastic bag with a gun in it like you would be able to set down a regular satchel or bag.



Tactical concealed carry pants:

Behind the tactical scenes.  How the pants work:

Surgical elastic band… hmmmm.  Not really sure having a tourniquet on my leg is going to be comfortable, no matter how loose I can run it.  Also, the biggest you can carry is a full size 5″ 1911?  What if you want to run a Deagle?  Weakkkkkkk :P

Normally I’d really make fun of something like this, but these guys actually put in effort to make this system seemingly good for a wide range of people.   I wouldn’t call it “zero print” like they do, but at least it looks like you’re carrying around a book rather than a handgun.  Wait… is reading illegal yet?  Better make sure it’s not The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or you might be seeing how that asphalt tastes.

For me, all of these systems are a no-go simply because I’m extremely picky when it comes to fit.  At least they didn’t externally logo the pants… that’s always another deal breaker for me on any clothing unless it’s very minimal and in a spot which is out of the way.  For you though… cop (purchase) or nah?  $200 directly from STRYKR.



Gat tip: Tom



boy-scouts-bearded-kids-3Gotta make sure you don’t ND, getting tangled in the neckbeard on the draw though.

I’m actually surprised some holster company hasn’t made up a derpy neck choker holster yet.  If one of you guys is good with Kydex, there’s a free idea for you. :P


ahahhaha this:

I literally had no idea what was going on up until the half way point… then I just COULDN’T EVEN lolol.  You’ll see what I mean.

Really nice that to use this thing you need to put your hands in front of the barrel of a loaded handgun… not to mention after that you’re shoving it in your pants with nothing guarding the trigger at all.   I’d like to see him try to draw this thing by preforming that elastic removing maneuver under any sort of stress of jostling.  That like the finest of fine motor skills to find that stupid little coin and do that… might as well thread a needle to release the handgun.

From the YouTube description – “This ain’t your daddy’s holster.”…. ya I’d hope no ones father has this poor of judgement.

There are also 4 testimonials up, which are also priceless.  From a Dentist, a regular guy who looks like he could be main derp guy’s brother, a retired LEO, another guy who is on “24 hour call”. SOLD! I bet Travis Haley, Larry Vickers, and all the other operators will be ditching Kydex and rocking these in no time.

Handgun-SlingWhat a disaster of epic proportions.  I hope the coin with the hole in it that is on the bungee cord is engraved with next of kin contact info for every order.

Sorry I don’t have a link to a website where you can purchase one.  UPDATE: $15 at


Gat tip: no uno, Beau


This is disappointing news:

concealed-carry-neck-idI’m kidding of course… obviously less problems the better.  De-escalation is always key.  There are only a few rules in life which every man should abide by though, and 2 of those are definitely 1) Don’t touch another man’s wife / girlfriend / kids.  2) Don’t touch with another man’s vehicle.  Tourists are so annoying when it comes to expensive cars.  Sometimes I just want to yell at them and be like “DUDE CAN YOU NOT TOUCH THAT CAR, SINCE IT’S NOT YOURS? YA THANKS.” Must be because when a 18 year old gets a picture touching a car worth several hundred thousand dollars all his followers will believe it’s his… but if he’s just respectfully standing next to it they will know it’s not and he’ll lose internet cred. haha *eye roll*

1:38 – Well that escalated quickly.  I’m sure stuff like this happens daily in the hood / various shitty areas in general.

Why didn’t the guy in the video have a concealed carry badge or a concealed carry neck ID?  0/10 would not operate with. LOL

Thoughts?  Pistol whipping is still OK if de-escalation fails right?


Watch and learn:

From my dudes Forest City Tactical (Kydex Prodects) and Practically Tactical (YouTube show / Podcast).

Note: This defense method is not legal in California.

If you pay close attention you can see the ENDO Can’t Even morale patch on Forest City Tactical’s hat.