If you don’t have a gun on your hip when you sleep, you should at least have one near your head:

0:37 – “Very difficult to detect…” Bullshit, I did an ocular assessment of the room and immediately decided pillow #3 was suspect… too poofy.

0:43 – Safety sound technology.  That’s some technology alright…

1:09 – Oh shit… gun in the pillow!  I didn’t see that coming from a mile away *eye roll*.  haha “safety device”.  I need to start calling guns in general “safety devices”.

Basically I think there are better options for bedroom defense, and I wasn’t too impressed with the video.  That said, I went over to the Patriot Pillow website, and for the $20 asking price it looks legit so I’m buying at least one for the top of the bed.  Honestly, I’ll probably keep a granola bar and condoms in it though.

There’s a negligent discharge joke that wants in this post so bad… but tonight I’m going to take the high road and be classy.


One looming question in my mind; is the patriot pillow made in the USA?  That would be pretty ironic if it wasn’t.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Aaargo Jay explores the topic in song.  haha just kidding, he doesn’t sing but he does talk:

When someone asks me what gun they should buy, before they even finish their sentence I yell “GLOCK!”, then they are like “But what if th…” me: “GLOCK! I don’t have time for this shit.”

Aaargo-Jay-YouTubeIn all seriousness Aaargo Jay’s advice is better than mine; you really should try out a bunch and see what works best for you before you buy.  The advice seems obvious, but It’s surprising how many people discover guns years later that they like better because they didn’t look around enough at the beginning.  Even continuing to try new guns that come out doesn’t hurt.

You can grab the Run Guns t-shirt Jay is wearing over at ENDO Apparel. It’s also available in black.



WARNING: Derp Ahead:

Uncle Mike’s nylon pancake holster. :/  I’m sure those work “ok” for a while… but if you’re serious about carrying why wouldn’t you drop ~$100 on something that is actually good?

Oh god… strike two – 1:53 he whips out his concealed carry badge.  I’d love to see him show a cop that… I’d die laughing.

Real sheepdog in that digital puke camo breakup shirt too.

3:50 – “if anything, he’s the one that’s gonna run away and I’m going to be after him like this (running action)” <— ha yea… good luck shaking a murder charge where you chased down a threat and then shot him dead.

Lots of “clip” talk…. *facepalm*

I do agree on if you have the frame to carry a fullsize, why not?  Really though the G19 (or your preferred compact Glock) is just as good if you ask me.

Tactical AK is what’s going to welcome you if you come to his house. hahahah gold…

10:00 – the vigilante / toughguy talk comes out.  Again.. good luck with your court case after you possibly just turned a simple robbery into multiple homicides.

10:25 – “And you can give’er the old spin”  *facepalm*  Yea great idea… *slow clap*

That index finger stayed within the trigger guard for quite a large portion of the video too… with bad habits like that, this guy will put a hole in himself eventually.


Hat tip: Monty S.


w00t w00t G19 for the win!  Good choice.   You can even keep a 33 round stick on you in case shit gets real.  I’m still afraid of the gen4 since it had so many problems in the beginning.  I’ll have to pick one up someday though.

A lot of YouTubers seem to be discussing this lately.  Last week we heard from highjak86 and his friend on the topic.


An inside story from Aljazeera:

The video is 25 minutes long, and definitely worth watching.

Say what you will about Aljazeera, but they allow a decent discussion from what i’ve seen.   The same story on FOX or CNN would have been “ZOMG guns are bad! BAN THEM ALL!” followed by interrupting and loud-talking.



Pants customized for pocket carry.  Awkward shuffle-run possibly included:

Maybe that’s just how that guy runs, even without those pants?  Who knows, but if I had a compact Glock jammed in my right pocket I’m positive I wouldn’t look like much of an operator when running either.

Killer pleats bro.  See a dude explain the system and appear to fiddle with his junk for a minute and a half:

If I thought pocket carry was a good idea I would like this idea in theory. What I definitely don’t like is that you have to buy their pants to get it.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a snob when it comes to a lot of things, clothing being one of them.  I don’t care what other people wear or can or can’t afford, but I personally wouldn’t want to be seen even cutting lawn in these “Mom jeans”.

Getting a pair of  jeans that I like, and/or already own customized by a seamstress to do this?  Now that sounds like a better business plan for a niche market.

I watched some of the videos on youtube, and the draw looks pretty awkward. Although they say it’s faster in comparison to other CCW methods, they don’t show the fact you would (or should) be carrying your loaded Glock with a trigger block which you would still have to eject.

The three things you will have to practice:

  1. Reaching in a closed pocket and grabbing the gun
  2. Tilting the gun toward your junk to break the snaps on the pants open
  3. Ejecting the trigger block before you can fire

Under extreme stress I just don’t see the average person having the dexterity to preform all three of those actions flawlessly. My personal belief is that you still can’t beat a good IWB holster for simplicity, safety, and comfort.

Check out the CCW Breakaway website for more information, or to purchase a pair.


Hat tip: Steven