These are so terrible looking:

Hold-This-LIf you want to spend the time, money, and energy building one then be my guest.  I know everyone has different taste and style when it comes to home decor, but I literally wouldn’t be caught dead with any type of shelf like this in my home.  Like I would actually be posthumously embarrassed if I died and my family was going through my stuff and they were like “LOL this piece of shit shelf tho!  LOL whose mans is this?” then someone would be like “Don’t you mean whose mans WAS this?” *everyone starts bawling*.  

There are a couple companies who make this type of bullshit if you’re not into the DIY thing.  I’m not linking them but you guys can in the comments…They sell even more embarrassing things like gigantic wall clocks and shitty looking lamps to hold guns.  Granted, the tactical concealment industry is probably lucrative…. but at what cost I ask… at what cost? ahhaha


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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USCCA doing these “cover vs concealment” vids now.  The choices seem pretty random, here are a couple examples:

Lil-Wayne-Whoopi-GoldbergFirewood, cases of water bottles, cases of soda, dresser full of clothes, interior doors etc.  Seems like a good way to reach a video quota haha.

Thoughts?  I think they should do a “short bus full of rotten eggs”, and then “prison laundry hamper full of soiled pillows mixed with improvised weapons” as their next videos to keep with the randomness.


Wat-memeWat? Are we being trolled? Why go to all the trouble of cutting a wood circle, gluing on dowels, gluing the wood circle to the bottom of the bucket? I figured at the end of all that he was at least going to fill the bucket (with the guns inside) up with birdseed or something similar. Might as well just have thrown the handguns into the bottom of the bucket and called it a day. OH YOU’RE WORRIED SCUFFING THE PRECIOUS FINISH? Wrap a rag around each one. I agree this hidden in plain sight method is probably 100x better than buying a cheapass safe and not anchoring it down. Johnny has trolled us in the past, so my radar is potentially picking up something… That radar is the only reason I’m still alive on the internet and haven’t been embarrassed into retirement by some of you cool teens. Johnny should have written “NOT GUNS” on the outside of the bucket.



For operators by operators:



BeardAway-3Another April fools joke, but I’m sure people are lining up to buy this.  The company who makes it is called Applied Orange, and they operate out of the Netherlands.

The velcro patch is definitely a good feature.  People love patches.  Looks like MilSpec Monkey (the patch king) in the pics.

Hat tip: Dutch Defence Press


Oh just a standard bible… or is it! *dramatic music*

Click on the image to load the animated gif.

I’ve hollowed out a few books in my day… didn’t put guns in any of them though.  The hiding guns in books option and how-to was discussed already, in addition to other places to hide guns in the house.

Thou shalt not kill though right?  Hmmm what’s self defense considered?  I haven’t been to church in a while.




According to one of the main pictures (left) on the hilarious looking website, the pocket is big enough to stash a 67 fl oz. ( 2 Litre ) bottle of coke. Hey, if it can do that, then maybe you could stash that mortar or AT4 you were looking for a place to hide!  You just gotta watch out you don’t bend up your loose cigarettes too much.  hahaha

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, New York City Police are very concerned:

Instead of the standard light pat-downs around suspects’ waistbands, the knowledge that this secret underwear exists is going to cause police to have to undertake more thorough searches of some suspects, said Capt. Vincent Patti, commanding officer of an area covering several housing projects in the Brownsville and East New York sections of Brooklyn. (Source)

At least the jean material that SmartCarry And Thunderwear are made out of is semi rigid. I couldn’t imagine having a gun bouncing around in a pair of regular underwear.

No matter what, for deep concealment i’d still prefer the gun not be anywhere near the front half of my waist.

Check this past post out for a good review of SmartCarry and Thunderwear