Some new commercials:

The actors, voiceover, music, locations, editing… I don’t really like any of it.  The first video I legit thought was a preroll ad that YouTube was playing, and I was looking for the “skip after 3 seconds” countdown button… but then I was like Ohhhhh.  Whatever Glock is doing is obviously working though, with or without lit commercials that appeal specifically to me.

I don’t know how many girls follow this blog, but if you are one do you like these ads?

In the second video at 0:24 – Finger on the trigger as she’s racking the slide?  Not ideal they used that footage.  Sure there’s no magazine in the gun, but it’s not good practice.  Glock’s own manual naturally even states the following:

Keep your finger out of the gun’s trigger guard and off the trigger until you have aligned the gun’s sights on a safe target and you have made the decision to fire.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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It’s lit.  Phuc teams up with a operational Russian ninja named Bob Sled:

Firepower-United-Phuc-Long1:37 – hahhaha a nod to the Larry Vuitton real life Russian confidence training drills video.

2:27 – LOL SHOTS FIRED at EO Tech and the recent not-holding-zero debacle.

Too good.  Thoughts?


Unless you speak the language, do yourself a favor and skip to 0:20:

1:41 in this. Special treat that it’s automatic fire:

0:07 in this:

1:54 in this:

*smh* cool stuff bros.  It’s always really heartwarming to see derp transcend culture.



You might recall the whole cartridge leaving the barrel derp in a promo video they put out a few days ago:

Glock-Whole-CartridgeWell that got swept under the rug and cleaned up in editing.  Now we’re left with just a plain old bullet exiting the barrel:

Someone sent me the full old video in 720p, so I’ll put it in my “archives” along with the other classic removed videos I managed to collect.

Thoughts? Think someone got fired over that mistake?


Their weak promo vid:

It’s no secret that I love Glock, but who the hell puts together these videos?  First of all the video’s target market is Law Enforcement, which I’m sure is a huge (but likely dwindling) part of Glock’s sales but there is obviously a larger population outside of law enforcement that carries. Since the end result of carrying is to stay alive (no matter your occupation) I don’t see why a video couldn’t be made that would appeal to both audiences.

Also, LOL at that “Glock gives me confidence to live my life” tagline still in use.  I wish I was at SHOT right now just so I could troll Glock and tell them I had ZERO confidence and was huddled up in the fetal position crying day and and day out in fear that bad guys would come get me… then I bought a S&W and that didn’t help.  I bought an AR-15 after that and still was an emotional wreck.  I got my Glock 17 though, and well… now I walk down the street with my head held high winking and girls, hi-fiving homeless dudes, and generally wreaking of confidence.  I got a raise at my job, met a supermodel, always score under par in golf, and they give me a discount whenever I go into JCrew.

Glock-LogoIn case you think the gun looks familiar, it’s just a G30SF frame with a G36 slide on it, and packs 10 rounds of .45 ACP.  WHeeeeeeeeeee. :/

Looks like 2013 isn’t the year of the Glock rifle. :(