Why was I was not aware this type of sport existed?


The above video was actually filmed in Florida, but the company GNAT Shoot is based in the UK.

A quick YouTube search for “RC plane shoot” yeilds a lot of other interesting videos:


Looks like great fun too, although I’d have to be very confident in the guys I was shooting with before Id attempt that. There seems like too high of a¬†possibility¬†of getting muzzle swept (or worse).


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What if cars were controlled like guns are?

  • You couldn’t own a vehicle with an automatic transmission. Everyone knows automatic transmissions are designed solely to make as many gearchanges as possible with a single shove of the gas pedal.
  • You couldn’t sell your own car any more unless you were a licensed dealer. All car sales would have to go through Federally licensed dealers. And you couldn’t purchase a car or transfer the title via mail, either. If you bought a car for your wife, son or daughter, that would be termed a straw man purchase and you could go to jail.
  • If you were convicted of any felony, or if you’d ever been involuntarily confined in a psychiatric care facility, you would never be allowed to own, operate or have access to a motor vehicle again, even someone else’s, unless you successfully petitioned a superior court for restoration of your driving right.

Lots more – HERE

What if guns were treated like cars?

  • Congress would be debating alternative weapons systems for people who can’t afford their own guns.
  • You could carry in any State at any time because carry and possession of your gun is honored nationwide and is considered a basic American civil right.
  • You could kill and injure people with your gun while drunk and still have your lawyer get your gun back because you need it for work.

Lots more – HERE

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