Yeager is at it again in the last couple days… first up with “Gay Rights And Gun Rights”:

*yawn* well that was predictable.

Now a second stab at controversy with “Sorry, I do not want your advice”:

*double yawn + stretch*.  I really glad I’m not a YouTube personality… the amount of dick riding in the comments is out of hand, I couldn’t take it.  I’d feel dirty.

James-Yeager-Angel-ApprovedNote also that the comments were disabled on both these videos for a while, just so people would get pissed off and not be able to vent.

When are the videos on abortion or religion coming out?  That seems like the next two logical topics. The controversy creating for views thing has proven to work for James, as he’s done it numerous times in the past (which I’m too lazy to link right now, and you guys probably remember anyway).

P.S. That shirt in video #2 tho ROFL, I recognize that from Urban Outfitters. A life goal of mine is to now bump into James in an L.A. location, where I recognize his voice and come around the corner to find him questioning the sales chick if they have any more extra smediums of the Che shirt he’s “absolutely dying to get”. We shoot the shit for a minute about the industry then navigate to the nearest Sprinkles or Casey’s Cupcakes to chill out some more. I show him what Tinder is like in L.A., and he suggests we make a video right then on the topic. I politely decline the offer, which I could tell annoyed him. He quickly finishes his cupcake and fakes like he got a text, then bounces. I put my earphones in, fire up the new A$AP album and destroy another few cupcakes while I figure out what to do with the rest of my day.



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Capitalizing on the success of the Magpul series of videos, comes this new series from Daniel Defense:

My initial impression is that production value looks pretty high, not quite as good as the Magpul videos, but still really good.

I do have one problem with these new Daniel Defense videos though, Larry Vickers.

I was aware he existed before hand, but only through his Vickers Tactical firearm products.  They make a hell of a 2 point sling (I own the Victory Series sling).

I developed a pretty strong opinion of him after seeing one of the latest promo videos he made for Daniel Defense:

In the promo video he breaks 3 of my general life rules:

  1. Don’t use an slang word like “homes” in a video to a bunch of people you don’t know if you are over the age of 35.
  2. Don’t talk AT people… talk TO them.  There is a big difference.
  3. Don’t pretend that you are well known by a particular nickname which you thought was cool so you started calling yourself it, in hopes it would catch on.   In this case it’s “The LAV”, and it just sounds hilarious coming out of his own mouth.

The video is actually an edit of the original video which Daniel Defense took down for damage control because of the controversy of Larry Vickers calling members “Assclowns who repair laserjet printers during the day, secretly watch spongebob during the evening”.  Thanks to the awesomeness of the internet it is still available HERE.

I’m sure Daniel Defense and Larry will make a lot of money off the training videos… but if not, at least they generated a ton of exposure for both of their companies through the hype videos and the controversy.

It’s good to see the businesses in the realm of firearms delivering new content using up to date technology.

  • Daniel Defense website – HERE
  • Vickers Tactical website – HERE