This is really interesting:

That Ukrainian autobody shop is really cranking out the goods!  The stories and this history of “the war effort” (where people and different industries use their resources to help) in the United States is very heart warming.  Singer Sewing Machine company, and typewriter manufacture Remington Rand making 1911 handguns in WWI and WWII for example.  Another badass detail, was that women (even though they couldn’t even serve in military combat roles or vote during the entire period of WWI) very much stepped up to the plate and absolutely knocked it out of the park doing a wide range of jobs including ones that men would normally do, but were not doing because they were away fighting.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Oh wow… just… wow:

It’s called “Easy-Bolt” and is available on pre-order for $150 with Spring 2017 delivery.  This single shot demo is for California compliance:

Here’s the installation video in case you care.  Looks like the kit is only available for

LOL damn guys… just when I thought I’d seen it all.

According to the YouTube comments, the company is making the bolt handle on the left side on the production version. This is for obvious reasons, because currently if you’re pulling the trigger with your right hand you have to switch hands to work the bolt.

Thoughts?  Do you live outside of CA and just want to get one of these for trolling purposes? I’m honestly considering it haha.


Royal Nonesuch giving the people what they want:

Royal-Nonesuch-Flare-Gun-22LRRN is owning the grandmaflage look with that shirt today whoa.  

3:14 – LOL ITP firing.

3:40 – Thorough mudding, which later proves to be bad for it.

Considering those flare guns go for around $50, and the adapter another $25, it definitely seems to work alright in a pinch, or for something different. *shrug* why not right?

P.S. – Royal, I’m still left swiping all the ladies on Tinder until I find the one who has “Royal Nonesuch is my son, and I am his camera woman.  Get at me for a good time.” in her About Me section along with some smoking hot pics of her shooting homemade 12GAs in daisy dukes, driving Ferrari’s, and counting money.


Why? Because he can:

Because of the crappy portrait style video from far away I can’t really 100% tell what’s going on.  It looks to me like there’s some type of plunger at the back of the shotgun, which is likely in contact with the firing pin.  The cable then whacks that and… BOOM.

Am I totally wrong?  Let me know in the comments.

Shotguns are so pedestrian… where’s the .50 BMG compound bow conversion?


A Saiga 12 drop in conversion that appears to work well:

I am really a fan of how bullpups look.  Having that action right against my face makes me kind of uneasy, but I suppose having regular rifle actions a few inches away isn’t really much different if some sort of catastrophic failure were to happen.

Anyone shot a Kushnapup before?  How’s the trigger on it?  Any other thoughts?


Cool mod, but I wonder how comfortable it would be to play with:

No work involved for you, seen on Etsy for $54.89

Brand new unmodified Xbox 360 wireless controller on Amazon for $36.99

Is it worth saving $17.90 and attempting the modification yourself?  Probably not, if the pre done one is done correctly and the person actually sends it.  The once concern I have though is that the original Xbox 360 buttons are smooth rounded plastic, which you would be replacing with 9mm brass which has a fairly square edge on it.  I could see my thumb being worn raw and developing a classic NES blister… which would be cool to reminisce over for a minute, but then would be annoying.

Thoughts?  Have any of you guys done this mod?

Hat tip: Kevin W.