InRangeTV and his buddy fry eggs up:

haha the verdict is the FireClean cooked eggs taste like regular eggs.  Shocking I know.

I’ve you’vejared-leto-suicide-squad-joker been asleep this past week, this all comes in the wake of the Fireclean v.s. Crisco scandal.  My prediction is that this gets quietly swept under the rug, because after day one or two of a scandal people on the internet no longer give a shit anyway and will forget this entire thing happened soon after the weekend.  Is Andrew “Vuurwapen” Tuohy the instigator going to get sued in the Supreme Court and get the death penalty for this?  Highly unlikely.  Will we see another post from him, clarifying / adjusting his views? Maybe… I don’t really know.  My final prediction is that Fireclean has likely been doing record sales lately because of the exposure. No one cared to talk about gun oils all across the gun related internet last week… much less FireClean, and now FireClean specifically is on everyone’s lips.

If you want to see white knighting at its finest, and some hilarious comments from both sides of the debate head over to their Facebook page.


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Mattv2099 does some 10mm cooking:

hahah what’s with the autotune?  Tactical T-Pain up in this!  No surprise that the 10mm sent its ginormous shockwave through the kabob vaporizing it on contact and creating a hole the size of a Buick in the backstop.

GlockabobWhat’s up with the wiener? (pause)

Ban Glock related cooking.



This is just too awesome:

I have to say FPSRussia really grew on me over the past little while.   You obviously have to have a sense of humor when it comes to gun safety when watching vids like this though.

They really go to town with the Deagle in the vid. hahah

Hat tip: Jeff, Kyle, Dondrey, and Adam


Yea you read the title correctly… this isn’t a joke either:

Only the government could come up with an official 26 page military document on such a topic.

Full PDF Document MIL-C-44072C – HERE

Talk about sucking the enjoyment out of cooking.

I propose a new entry under Quality Assurance:

4.6 – The brownie and cookies shall make operators operate in operations exceeding their baseline operating ability.  The contractor shall ensure product compliance prior to submitting the product to the USDA for any inspection.