Happy 235th Birthday Marines.

Hopefully you active duty Marines get some cake and a good meal today.

Semper Fi!


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It is a grim reminder of the cost of war. But for marines based at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, getting a meat tag – a tattooed copy of their vital information inked into their skin – means paying a visit to Jesse Mays before they head off to war.


Full article at the BBC – HERE


I like stuff like that.  I can only imagine how such a response would have made that kid’s day.

Judging by the yellowing of the paper, and the fact it appears to be typed and not printed, i’m assuming it must be fairly old.

I’m curious if Bill Dobrow is a Devil Dog by now. I did a couple of quick google searches and couldn’t come up with anything to suggest he is… but that doesn’t mean he isn’t, seeing as not everyone likes to advertise their career all over the internet.


“Terminal Lance” refers to a Lance Corporal in the USMC that will never make it past the rank of E-3 to Corporal.

If you have ever been in the military, or have an interest in it, and understand how it works, you will find the comics hilarious.  Most of the humor is directly related to the Marine Corps.

The one I posted is the first comic ever.  Go to the site and read all 23 to catch up!

Terminal Lance website – HERE

Hat Tip: Solomon

(I can’t believe I didn’t know about this comic until today.)



M249 SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon


H&K IAR - Infantry Automatic Rifle

Pretty huge news… I’m not sure I really grasp the reason for the changeover though.  There is definitely a huge savings in weight… but that is definitely at the expense of magazine capacity.  I wonder how soldiers will feel about this?  I understand that not ALL of the SAWs are being replaced, but for the ones that are, it seems like 30 rounds in a mag would not go over well for a SAW gunner used to having a 200 round drum.

A lot more info on the specifics of the IAR and the other rifles it was up against over at MarineCorpsTimes – HERE