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A sequel:

A much needed follow-up to the first tiny guns from Corridor Digital.

I really couldn’t believe there wasn’t a coffee ad shoehorned into that entire 7 minute vid.  You love to see it.


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This video was shared with me like 200 times, so I figured I better get off my ass and post it:

I think the main reason it was spread around is because not even one person whose instagram page I saw put up a short clip of the video credited Corridor Digital, and they cropped out the “bosstown dynamics” watermark.  Judging by the comments almost everyone thought it was real.  That just goes to show what a good job Corridor Digital does with these videos.  Check this out and this video too if you want to see how they made the video.  Looks like a LOT of work.

For those of you who think that a robot being that skilled is far fetched.  These next two videos are from the real Boston Dynamics:



Corridor Digital back at it:

Awesome effects, and funny storyline as always.



Corridor Digital with some savagery:

hahah these guys are good.

Here’s a “behind the scenes” type video (if you care):

Thoughts on these little problem solvers? Oh wait… haha that ending.

Gat tip: Bart


From the guys at Corridor Digital:

Looks entertaining, plus the realism looks great.  I’ll watch it if I can without downloading that stupid “go90” app they are trying to push… I’m not interested in that I can assure you.  I get it, there is potentially lots of extra money if you don’t use YouTube, but it’s seriously a major pain in the ass for everyone so if you ask me that’s quite the cost (inconveniencing and irritating your audience).

Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital talk about RUSH:



The Corridor digital guys are back at it:

Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-Hail-Fire-Blaster-Gun-ToyI know very little about Team Fortress and haven’t played it, but this video was cool.  Corridor Digital always usually delivers.