Holy… glitches in real life look painful:

Corridor-DigitalI haven’t online gamed in a while, but old school games like Quake, Duke Nukem, and Doom used to have glitches all the the time when we would play over the modem.

Accurate representation of the glitches you experience or what?


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I’ve always liked Corridor Digital.  Their vids are usually entertaining and the VFX are top notch.  Seeing as they hang out, and maybe still even share a workspace with freddiew, i’m sure they will get really famous and lame soon enough.



Some very neat special effects in this one:

I especially liked the blue shell from Mario Kart at the end.  I had no idea what some of the other games they were referencing were… still cool though.

I liked playing multiplayer in 007 Golden Eye with the Golden Gun.  I should specify ONLY ON N64.  I played that bullshit on my cousin’s Wii… what a load of garbage.  Maybe i’m just too old for the Wii but I thought I was going to puke even when watching someone else play.