Spoiler alert: Cory07ink doesn’t make an appearance.

Stolen-ValorIn the realm of stolen valor when you call a person out you have yell “STOLEN VALOR” and tell them “it’s a federal offense” apparently.  Cool story bros… the government has prosecuted precisely zero people so far (to the best of my knowledge).  I think this is incredibly shitty, especially in the cases where people are profiting off it by misleading customers.  Some of those people in the video are obviously pathological liars, or mentally handicapped.  Does it really matter if they want to pretend to be something they are not?  I’d hazard a guess that most of these guys are also so dumb that even if they did beaten up by veterans, they would just be back to faking it again the next day anyway… but likely with even more sympathy from the public because of injuries they sustained as an 11B in the sandbox.

3:57 – LOL revolutionary war veteran.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys have a stolen valor story of your own?


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So what does that mean?!  New videos coming soon of course:

I’ve come to learn that in 2014 apparently stolen valor isn’t that big of a deal to most people.  I knew of the term “stolen valor” for a while, and heard of some cases in the past but never really had semi-direct experience with it until the whole Cory07Ink debacle.  You can read about it at the link, but he mis-represented himself as prior military.  It’s documented in videos and if you follow the link above his own girlfriend (Erika) asks him the direct question and he answers “yes”, so there’s no disputing that at all.  I don’t come from a military family, and haven’t lost anyone in a conflict so I’m about as far removed as you can get from someone that should be offended by another making a false “prior service” claim.  For me, I just find it very interesting / disappointing from a personal integrity standpoint.  If you’ve fought for the country, and/or even lost family or friends who have… do you care or not care whether someone falsely represents themselves as one of those who did indeed serve?

Cory-And-Erica-Punching-Bag-Glock-BeatingAnother recent case of this that came across my desk yesterday, was when someone tagged me on Instagram in a picture of some girl named “Amy Jane”.  I didn’t recognize the name at first, but after googling her, I instantly remembered her from some vids she did with shooter Taran Butler.  Anyway, it turns out she was discharged after 88 days in bootcamp and yet she has been calling herself a Marine for years. Sure SOME people are pissed for obvious reasons, and because it appears to have landed her some pretty sweet jobs within the industry and even on TV… but there is also a huge outpouring of support for her on Facebook (negative comments obviously blocked).  I’m really scratching my head at the positive part of the reaction after reading the details on that one too.  Yea she’s smoking hot, so that probably has at least something to do with it.  I still give her a 0/10 though, would not operate with.

Thoughts? Would operate with Cory & Erika or Amy Jane?


Anyone who follows this blog knows the three things I love the most are when people get trolled, extreme derp, and emmy worthy drama.  People have been emailing me off the hook regarding this Cory drama, so I’ll just compile what I know below:

The issue is with Cory misrepresenting himself as “former military” which he denies doing for the most part – Here are some documents /screenshots and what not at SnipersHide.

There is a thread at which is now up to a whopping 71 pages at the time of witing this.  It’s a pure shitstorm, but since I’m a sucker for punishment and have way too much time on my hands I read all 71 pages.

Here is his apology / explanation (starts at 4:30):

Here are a couple videos people compiled regarding the timeline and documents from SnipersHide:

I don’t know why he didn’t address exactly what those documents said in the apology video.  The clips of the interview he did with Erika are from this video which as you can see is now set to private for some reason.  Why is that?  Dramaaaaaaaa.

It’s pertinent to know that whenever I use the word drama, this is how it sounds / looks in my head:

Anyway, I doubt this is going to just “go away” for him but we’ll see.  On the other hand internet gun related history shows people forget shit VERY quickly, right or wrong on this issue his subscribers and views will likely increase.  That uncovered evidence and the compilation videos seem pretty damning as far as claiming something he isn’t goes. I’m not military though so I don’t really know what all those acronyms and terms mean, and if the timeline discrepancies are correct etc.

Cory-And-Erika-ENDOGuys be like “I saw Cory at Walgreens in a rusty wheelchair wearing three purple hearts, telling the young girl cashiers stories from the sandbox.”  LOL.  I’m just along for the ride, scraping the internet for entertaining stuff and trying to find humor in things and in turn make you laugh.  Please keep emailing me stuff guys, it’s much appreciated.


Hat tip: Brandon, Rodolfo, Derek and more


Cory & Erika keeping it real on the reel:

Cory-And-Erika-ENDOA follow up video to their first blooper reel.

How they ever get any work done around there with Erika’s shenanigans I’ll never know.  That’s the way it should be though… work sucks.



Cory & Erika compiled some bloopers:

Cory-And-Erika-ENDOI’m always a big fan of bloopers.  I wish more YouTubers would come out with blooper vids occasionally.

I couldn’t help but notice they aren’t running notch hats or tactical arm tape.

Cory is running the Oatmeal color California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt in the video a few times.



Cory and Erika put a lot of effort into their channel and it shows.

FXhummel1 wearing the ENDO Apparel AK-47 Fire Selector Switch hat.

2:28 – Holy, Buck Yeager must have downed 85 energy drinks before for that little clip.  I got nervous just watching it.

6:29 – Chaos311clarity is wearing the ENDO Apparel Pictogram Fire Selector Switch hat.

7:00 – Cory is rocking the Oatmeal California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt… a good choice.

Cory-And-Erica-Punching-Bag-Glock-BeatingSolid ENDO representation throughout.  Cory & Erika have always been big supporters even though I trolled them hard in the beginning.  They know I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if something came up…. they are cool like that and don’t care though.

haha the end of the vid with the singing was pretty funny.

K now is there where I say  “Thoughts?” then you guys proceed to troll with Erika related comments? haha yea I think it is.  *smh* oh you…

Congrats you two!  100k is impressive.

Make sure to subscribe to them if you already haven’t.