Machining more “grip” into a stock handgun slide:

Glock 19 + Trijicon RMR co-witnessed with the suppressor height sights?! Damn that’s hot.

Innovative-Gunfighter-Solutions-GlockFat chance I’d let a company etch their logo on the side of my gun, worse yet that gross looking IGFS one!  I’m assuming that logo is optional though (hopefully).

You can check out Innovative Gunfighter Solutions over at their facebook page if you’re interested in finding out more about their work.

Thoughts? Would operate with? Wouldn’t operate without?


Every once and a while you might learn something from this blog:

Pictogram Fire Selector Switch T-ShirtI’m not going to lie, when you learn something here chances are it will be accident because someone doing the teaching has one of my company’s t-shirts on.  Such is the case here :P  Cory is sporting his trademark tightly manicured operator AF facial hair and the Pictogram Fire Selector Switch t-shirt… a deadly combo.

Cory-And-Erica-Punching-Bag-Glock-BeatingNo word on whether Erika practices her heavy bag beatings with a dry fire pistol.  I kid… I kid.  Cory and Erika are good people, who have also obviously forgiven me for poking fun at them in the past.  They keep the videos really pro now, but nothing is off limits with me so I’m keeping an eye on them. :P

They run a training school (Range Time) out of Lewis Indiana if you’re looking for some instruction.



They talk about it in this video starting at 2:00:

These two seem like genuinely nice people, so I was hesitant to write this post… but then I though what the hell… so here goes.  First of all let me start off by saying I wish them the best of luck.   Now my main question is their qualifications… (3:19) Cory says they are going to be offering Defensive Handgun, CCW, Tactical Rifle, Tactical AK, and a Ladies only class which Erika will instruct.  Erika has been shooting for 1 year.  Granted she could out shoot me any day of the week and probably roundhouse the Cheeto dust off my mouth for talking shit about her skillz.  I think most people like to take training courses from people that are ex-military or ex-Law Enforcement… that said, Chris Costa from Costa Lupus (Yea I know it’s “Ludus” but I hate the way the name sounds) is an ex-coast guard and people listen to what he has to say like he’s Jesus.  Maybe Cory is the up-and-coming young Costa that the shooting world wants/needs?  I have to laugh at what Al said to me in email though… “He’s got tattoos and facial hair, isn’t that enough?” (regarding qualifications) haha

They say they are going to bring in other instructors too, like Buck Yeager.  That part sounds like a decent idea… acting as the middle man can likely guarantee a pretty nice cut for them, with very little risk (unless a photographer gets shot, which i’m still surprised hasn’t happened yet).

Thoughts? Good or bad idea to capitalize on their YouTube fame?  Would you take a course from them?

Hat tip: Al


Erika talks about her journey to fem-operator status, and equality:

I don’t know why they wouldn’t link to the original FateOfDestinee video, or even acknowledge that it was her that did it.  Just “a girl did a video”… interesting.

Erika has the exact opposite view and experience as FateOfDestinee.  Erika is extremely confident though, so i’m sure a lot of guys are scared of her and her skills when they see her at the range.  Don’t get me wrong, FateOfDestinee seems confident too, but just on more of a girl next door level.

I still watch all cory07ink’s vids… sure I made fun of a few of them too (for good reasons I think), but Erika has come a very long way.  Those two are a tactical power couple if I’ve ever seen one.  I’m just waiting for Cory to put a five carat diamond depleted uranium picatinny railed ring with platinum accents with on that finger, and propose to her while repelling from a helicopter into a james-yeager-photographers-down-range-to-capture-the-moment mock gun battle scenario.



FPSrussia was too big of a pansy to shoot real hogs on video:

So he shot (or by the look of it “tried” to shoot) some dumb hog mannequin filled with fake blood instead.  Worried about the YouTube morality police ragging on you FPS?  Grow a pair.

Cory didn’t mess around in his video… the pilot flew around for a bit then he capped some hogs like a boss.  Erika went up in the choppa too, but she had some trouble taking down one of the hogs, and the others weren’t on camera for some reason.

Those helicopters look pretty damn “bare bones”.  I want mine to be soundproof with a wet bar and some plush leather seats.  I see hogs on the 60″ LED screen i’ll put down my drink, grab the joystick that controls the mini gun and let it rip. #bloglife



I received this email yesterday afternoon from Cory (boyfriend of glock as a club to deliver a beating girl):

I want my video taken off of here. Implying that Erika was being unsafe and more over just the guys that comment and the type of guys it brings to my channel i don’t want. There is giving a review of something and there is just being disrespectful to the ppl that teach. We are doing our best to get ppl to get out and train and become interested in  firearms. The gun had a light primer and had a spent casing in the gun, she was as safe as you can be with her finger clearly off  the trigger. She was doing as she was told. Really it just makes her look bad, when she is doing her best.

My public response to Cory:

Who says I do reviews?  I make fun of stuff that deserves to be made fun of and shown to everyone. You can tell he was getting progressively angry on the post in question, his alias is the comments is “cory”.

Just because people (Buck Yeager in this case) “teaches” something, you automatically think it’s a good idea?  You can’t think independently?  You guys do a fair amount of drills that make sense to me, but you also do a bit of stupid shit like this, which I will continue to call out.

Cory, it’s called the internet.  What you choose to make public IS public.  Man up and either delete the video or quit your bitching.  I’m sure people already saved it and will re-post it just in case though so that’s your mess to clean up. UPDATE: He removed the video LOL

Oh and don’t act all surprised that guys are commenting on the fact your girlfriend wears daisy dukes in every video.   Your predictable response: “But that’s what she always wears because they are what she finds comfortable”.  Fair enough, but again this is the internet.  Your girlfriend could have a burka on and people would still troll you if this is the type of response it gets.

Buck Yeager is waiting for you in the Team Room to play some more “spin the bottle”.  If you ask nicely he will probably teach you a thing or two about embracing the trolls.

Gentlemen, start your troll-engines. –>