Adding up the costs:

Holy those stats at the beginning are as unbelievable as that dude’s eyebrows.  They only get more ridiculous after that… the stats; his eyebrows stay the same.


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MrColionNoir on this recent post election debacle we have become accustomed to:

Yea that sums it up nicely.

Thoughts?  Did any of you guys stock up a long time ago, in anticipation of this happening again?



Full auto shenanigans:

Want to see the hanguards on a M4 melt and start on fire?

Want to see the barrel on a M4 droop and then explode?

Those guys are having way too much fun at work

The M-4 carbine, one of the primary rifles used by the United States military, appears destined for a change. After concerns surfaced about rifles overheating in a sustained firefight in 2008 in Afghanistan, the manufacturer and the United States Army are close to agreeing on a modification to the weapon’s barrel that makes the carbine more resistant to the stresses of extended firing.

Full Article at the New York Times website – HERE

This is a continuation of my blog post on New York Times on the Making of the Military’s Standard Arms


For bulk purchasers, a new M-4 costs about $800 per rifle

I actually thought the cost would have been much lower.  A bulk price of $800 seems very steep.  I suppose these are not comparable to your average low end AR-15 though.

Full Article on the New York Times website – HERE

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The costs on this chart obviously aren’t adjusted for inflation.  Interesting though nevertheless.