costa grip

Out with the old:


In with the new:


Pics from Black Wire Studio.

homer-jump-sharkI have no context for that above picture but it looks like he’s shooting distance since he’s running a magnified optic and steading using his knee.  I’m sure this must be legit in distance shooting, but I’ve just never seen something so awkward looking.  He also has his thumb bent over on the right side of the receiver which I’m also assuming has some sort of body mechanics advantage.    No arm tape in this pic, I’m disappointed.  If placed strategically it would definitely help mitigate forearm magazine chafing, using this grip method in a high-speed scenario.

The rail length on those WarSport LVOA rifles are MADE for Costa.  I bet they measured his hyperextended arm length before finalizing the design.

Anyone care to weigh in?  Is this grip the new hotness for long distance work, and I’m just out of touch?

Gat tip: Zack

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