Putting the “radical” in radical Islam special forces:

All black everythang.  That’s how the Mujahideen rolls.

1:04 – “I said one large pizza NO bacon, not EXTRA bacon.  NO BACON you infidel.  NONE!”

1:14 – Forward rolls are always an acceptable A -> B move.

1:47 – AK door breach!  By shooting the bottom half of the door even haha.

2:22 – Mad Islamic bushcraft / camouflage skills.  I fuck heavy with that “walking trees” look.

3:39 – OH SHIT Islamic Tannerite FTW!  I recognize that explosion.

7:58 – Rolling 4 deep in the Mazda with the snorkle bout to wreck shit with AK-47s Mujahideen style.

8:23 – Two radical Islamic menswear gurus meet on a Syrian runway to discuss alphet selection for the F/W 2014 look book.  Only one makes it out alive.

8:56 – Mujahideen moving vehicle personnel transition.  v. rare and never before caught on camera.

9:34 – Whole squad got heat in the BMW X5.  Pound for pound laying bustas down.

9:56 – Islamic Morpheus in the red Hyundai.  They have his back, real talk.

You can tell these guys built their questionable skills off Costa, Instructor Zero, Sonny “Shoot House” Puzikas, and maybe even a bit of Cory & Erica’s videos.  You know damn well all they did the whole time during Cory & Erica videos though is bitch that Erica wasn’t ever wearing a hijab.  Maybe they had a Radical team to edit a hijab on Erica in post production?  That would be ill.

There is also PART 1 (embedded above) which precedes the first vid.  Some epic music and a “basic training” type course those Islam ninjas negotiate with the high-speed-low-drag quickness.  On some Mujahideen olympic style maneuvers.  They even have some flaming rings they gracefully dive through at 5:22 which I’m thinking is a subtle backhanded homage / diss.  7:16 in part one has some weapon disarms which are pretty standard.

7:38 – Forward rolls and target engagement with AKs!  Very Sonny “shoot house” Puzikas x Instructor Zero influenced.

Mujahideen-Special-ForcesWho’s supplying the Mujahideen with GoPros?  Are their morale patches witty like ours?


Hat tip: Thomas


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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What to bring to a Travis Haley strategic operational dynamic disruptive partners handgun and carbine classes:



I’d almost be willing to bet that some guys show up without clothes on, just wearing a hat and that belt.  People love to have their hand held through every step.  I bet he gets all sorts of questions like:

  • Should I wear cotton or synthetic boxer briefs?
  • You have beautiful skin. Is there a type of skin care product you recommend for the day?
  • What type of wood are the items grid’d out on?  Is that your favorite wood?

Because were’ talking Haley you know I also have to bring up Chris Costa.  This is how I imagine the grid for a Costa Lupus class:


  • Operation Z zombie dvds as reference material
  • Six pack of Tactical arm tape so you can operate better longer.
  • Thyrm switchback gizmo flashlight, because no other flashlights are even worth considering
  • Costa action figure doll for pre-movement non-disruptive simulation demos.
  • Ramp in case you need to jump any sharks
  • Blue Force Gear derp satchel.  Leave your life helmet at home.
  • Poster of shirtless Costa in swamp which you want him to autograph.
  • You’re probably thinking “I bring a dog in a shark costume?”.  No, it’s etiquette to bring your instructor a gift and I recommend something shark related for Costa.  His Chihuahua would look great in that shark costume.  If you’re extremely lucky he might put it on the dog when you’re there and jump it.

You’ll also notice that there are no guns, magazines, or ammo in the Costa picture.  Those are optional because you’ll probably just fanboy so hard and watch him shoot the whole time.

Thoughts?  Anything to add?


Chris Costa x London Bridge Trading (LBT INC) x LBX Tactical:

Oh sorry about the title, my bad it’s not a backpack… it’s a “System” because it has numerous parts.  I realize the Derp satchel for life helmets was made for a different purpose, but regardless I think it’s safe to say his mom and his two aunts were the only customers.  This collab looks a hell of a lot better and is more functional.

3:51 – Please tell me he has Skittles rubberbanded to the other side of that CTR stock.


He tries to sell the “discrete” aspect of it a whole bunch though.   Sure the large bag part of the “system” is not going to scream “rifle” to soccer moms and emo mall rats… but for those who are familiar with rifle bags you know damn well he’s not carrying around XXL pepperoni sticks, and jumbo freezer pops in a bag profile like that (although highly recommended by ENDO).


Costa is so high speed and his drag is so minimal.  Watching him run in slow motion is like watching a mechanical tactical humanized grey wolf hunt down prey.

The price is $275 for the bag over on the LBX Tactical site. Other components of the “system” are extra.



For your tactically operational eyes only:

homer-jump-sharkThat was actually one of the corniest things I’ve ever seen.  In the splendor of 4k video quality too!

0:05 – oooh “Costa Media Group”.  Who belongs to this “media group”?  Dynamic choice of words bro.

0:13 – “Easy Day” – I can tell already this title is going for ironically-clever status.

0:26 – Look at this guys facebook profile pic.  We are “going to get him” in our tactical minivan.

0:51 – Costa says  “Easy day”.. obviously a tie in to the title and something which will be referenced later.

0:52 – Cut scene to bad guy.  OH NOES.. he needs to get his ass back to HQ (or wherever).

0:58 – Funny-man Costa cracks one of his trademark jokes

1:04 – Bad guy spotted!  Operators engage in a chase.

1:10 – Tactical minivan fail… driver hits curb and loses a hubcab.  Good luck getting the damage deposit back Costa.  Did you even read the agreement?  It specifically specified you COULD NOT use the minivan for operating in any type of operations.

1:21 – Oh shit.. team out and engaging the suspect in full HSLD urban tactical loadout.

1:25 – Suspect firehoses his suppressed MAC-10 at Lupus and his clique, hitting the only girl.  WTH Costa?  Stereotype much?  That girl couldn’t handle your fictitious operation?  *smh*

1:33 – Show of concern… quick show of emotion / hesitation.  Then FUCK IT.. I’m going in, in my tactical mom jeans.

1:39 – Shady warehouse entry, in full tactical mode.  Even though it’s light, he immediately clicks on the weapon light and does a signature Costa scan out in the open.

1:44 – Scan done.  Support hand back where it should be, 19ft forward at the end of the rifle… proceeding to hunt for scumbag with momentary light pulses.

1:50 – Scumbag spots Lupus… he takes cover behind a stack of tactical adult diapers before starting up the chase again.

1:57 – Cocaine in a briefcase, cellphones, shotgun and an AK… these dudes are bad news.

2:03 – Costa busts in like the Kool-Aid man and dynamically hoses everyone.

2:07 – One up top, then one to the side just for finesse.

2:10 – DICK SHOT! LOL ouch…  Textbook, straight from Art Of The Dynamic Dick Shots DVD.

2:17 – Main scumbag still alive though… Costa is pissed so he starts dumping!

2:23 – Transition to sidearm for the kill.

2:28 – Brings the gun into the “workspace”… scans.  Sits down because the mission is done.

2:34 – Costa’s useless operator buddy decides to show up once everything is over.  The code blue each other, some useless banter, then the “Easy day” line is dropped and Costa be like “AHHHHAHHAHHA” in the eyes.

Behind the tactical scenes:

6:33 – That guy needs notches in his beanie.

6:52 – 7:06 – hahah I do like Costa’s sense of humor.

Chris-Costa-Chanel-ParodyCool equipment for sure… I’m not so sure what the point of all this is though besides to generate some buzz about his Costa Lupus training school.


Hat tip: Austin, Jason, Keith


This just keeps getting better… you can vote on the next color you want to see the HIV satchel in:


Over at the Blue Force Gear facebook page.  I would be really surprised if this all wasn’t a social experiment that a university somewhere is conducting in conjunction with Costa and Blue Force Gear.  Possibly for some type of shark jumping master’s thesis someone is doing.

If I had to pick, I think the obvious choice is #10, followed by #8 and then #9.  You still wouldn’t catch me wearing one of those derp packs even in black if someone paid me.

I have two past posts on the awkward shark jumping life helmet satchel HERE and HERE which you can check out.



No sharks were jumped in the making of this video:

homer-jump-sharkYeah I’ve been making fun of Chris Costa ever since he did that ridiculous Zombie shit, and started pushing tactical arm tape.  You don’t need to try and justify those two things to me because it will fall on deaf ears.  It’s all in good fun though, he seems like a good guy just trying to make a living.  If he can jump the occasional shark, count the money, and still get a good night’s sleep then all the power too him.