From the creator of Counter-strike:

Looks fairly realistic I suppose.  Not as good as a lot of other new military type games, but still acceptable.

At 24 seconds you can even shoot someones dog… now THAT’S realism.  I was waiting for the next scene where they sprinkled crack on the dead body of the innocent guy that was with the dog, but that never happened.   Maybe you have to join the closed-beta test in March to try that out? :P

The URL is real suspicious looking –>   .og?  wtf extension is that?  the ti subdomain threw me off when I first saw it too.   I assure you the site is legit so don’t worry about clicking the link.

Here’s some gameplay footage:

Looks actually better than I thought it would after seeing the trailer.   I’m sure some of you guys can’t wait to get your hands on this.


Hat tip: Sean


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