From the comments on the James Yeager Is A Coward video:

Well there you have it… Until now the threats were not so thinly veiled.   In his own words, he will flat out murder you if you call him a coward.

Like I said before this internet stuff is serious business.

I wonder if he knows he’s only going to get trolled 1000x harder than ever before since he’s acting like this?

If this nonsense is helping his business as much as he lets on that it is, then good for him.  As far as I’m concerned, if people think learning anything from this guy (besides how not to act) is a good idea, then they deserve him.

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Free trip to Camden Tennessee to call this man a coward:

His gracious offer:  

If you want to call me a coward I will buy you a plane ticket or pay for your gas or whatever I need to do to get you here to Camden Tennessee and let you say it to my face.

*facepalm* and then what?  He will break your fucking back?

Having pride is one thing, but this is getting out of hand; this guy is a walking lawsuit waiting to happen.  I’m thinking someone should show up in Camden with a lawyer and call Yeager a coward while the lawyer witnesses it / films it.  Unless he’s all talk, you’ll likely get your back broken and be beaten to within inches of your life, but when all that’s over the payday would be incredible.

Yeager is very confident there’s no one out there that is bigger and stronger than him, which is surprising considering he’s ex-military / law enforcement and both those occupations aren’t normally filled with weak tiny guys… so unless he really does think he’s invincible I’m sure he even personally knows a number of guys that could annihilate him.

Thoughts?  Oh yea, and it looks like Buck Yeager is back.  I was hoping Good Guy Yeager would have a longer run, but what can you do.