This is legit:

haha good stuff.  I’m so happy that the 2nd Amendment was created to do these type of things.  The comments people left on the video are funny.  Naturally, there are also the few people that have no idea I run a “humor” page.

The guy in the video is actually a pro-mountain biker DJ Brandt.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Sure why not:

What can I say fellas, it’s “content”.  Not as bad as I thought it was going to be actually.



Well the metrosexual part is debatable… It looks like something the cowboy from the Village People would approve of:

If you actually were to go out on a limb and wear one of these, id suggest arming yourself with a knife minimum.

What ever happened to carrying your phone and keys in your pocket?  Or are some of the guy jeans too tight nowadays to do that?

You can check out the designer Dayne Jewell’s website – HERE

The price for the belt and the holster is $219 EUR which converts to $302 USD. I’m not sure if he will ship to the US.