Every time I see a company besides GLOCK release a polymer pistol, I’m just like “Heh, that’s cute”.  This is no exception.  Check out this promo video though LOL:

I was put onto this by ENDO reader Tyler who sent me a link to a facebook post by Walther where they were all proud of this pun filled 55 second rap video they made to promote the new handgun.  I cringed so hard I think I pulled something in my neck.  I instantly knew a shitstorm would erupt when a bible flashed on screen at 8 seconds and the guy rapped “Believe your creed”.  Naturally the video disappeared from Walther’s social media later on in the day.

Here’s another more professional video they still have up on YouTube showing the features. It’s lacking a bible reference and rapping (maaaaaaaad bars), so in other words it’s not as good:

walther-creed-handgunYou can read more about the Walther CREED on their website if you care.

Thoughts?  Do you receive this pistol into the market with arms wide open?

Gat tip: Tyler, Luis