A response to their knife problem in London:

1:30 – “If they can’t buy them they’re going to make them no matter what anyway.” Yea no kidding.¬† Taking a flat piece of something hard, and rubbing against something that’s abrasive and harder doesn’t exactly take a genius, nor does it require any tools unless they want to get fancy.

2:48 – “BRO” is right ūü§£.¬† Looks like something from Anime.

Thoughts?  Obviously a lot of parallels between this war on knives in the UK and gun control in the US.  Both seem incredibly futile  for the same reason.. because they focus on the knife/gun, not the root of the issue which is the human component.

This has all been going on for quite some time now.. I’m reminded of a post I did way back in 2009 about UK Knife Surrender bins.

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Coalition To Stop Gun Violence grasping at trying to make you feel guilty / responsible for mass shootings and other gun violence:

You didn’t buy the gun. You didn’t pull the trigger. But if you‚Äôve voted for politicians that refuse to support common sense gun laws, you’ve helped to facilitate mass shootings in America.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeOMG! ¬†The blood is on your hands… it’s on all of our hands! *eye roll*

Oh and imagine that… both Aurora and Sandy Hook are both “Gun Free Zones”. ¬†What a breathtaking coincidence a psycho decided to go on a rampage at those places.



*Yawn* The Brady campaign should really reconsider their rhetoric:

Brady-Campaign-Ban-Assault-ClipsYea we all know money can buy or persuade people.  Cool story bro.  Tell me more about how if certain politicians passed certain laws the criminals would take those laws seriously.

like I said… yawn. Thoughts?


Violent crime in Chicago is out of control. Vice takes a look:

Gun-Control-Chicago3:40 – “We using handguns in Chicago while they trying to ban assault rifles. ¬†We don’t use assault rifles in Chicago. We get up on you baby.” ¬†hahah real talk.

The gang mentality is insane. ¬†I couldn’t imagine living my life always worried about getting killed just for walking around somewhere mid-day.



Assault hammers and standard capacity clubs kill more people per year than rifles.

I know I talked about this in the past, but Brietbart brought it up again.

You can check out the FBI crime stats – HERE

Sure the “Other¬†guns or¬†type not¬†stated” numbers might add to the rifles column… but if it wasn’t a rifle, shotgun, or handgun what could the “other” be? ¬†Zip guns I guess… or punt guns… I’m sure there are lots of punt gun murders daily, those things are killing machines.

This is all using the same unbiased FBI crime stats that advanced v-neck guy talked about a couple days ago.



Hat tip: Brad


This guy rocks a v-neck so deep it’s off screen… don’t let that get in the way of what he’s got to say though:

I wonder if “Violent crime” is defined hugely¬†different¬†across countries?

So the violent crime rate dropped 50% in the U.S. in the past 20 years?  Yea an assault weapons ban is definitely going to cut that in half again *eye roll*

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeI gotta keep an eye on this¬†AmidsTheNoise guy… I like his style. ¬†Just waiting for when he changes the game with even more advanced v-necks.


Hat tip: Jon