This is dumb.  All for shock value just like everything else anti-gun.  This is from late 2014, but still dumb and worth mentioning:


There are an estimated 18,000 shooting ranges operating in America today. Many of these shooting ranges sell custom targets featuring thugs, terrorists, aliens and zombies. The painfully ironic truth is that the real targets of gun violence aren’t these fictional “bad guys” but rather our real-life friends, neighbors, co-workers and children.

Wait, so they want to ironically sell the anti gun people, targets which they won’t use to prove a point that innocent people are often the targets of gun violence? That’s derp inception right there. Amazing how with hundreds of millions of guns out there, there aren’t a minimum of tens of thousands of INNOCENT people dying every day.  These people really should refocus their efforts on a cause that would actually save lives, rather than pestering responsible gun owners with this nonsense.

Proceeds go to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.  If you click through to the Innocent Targets website, the first thing you’ll notice when you mouse over the pictures that the prices are not in USD.  When I first saw this I didn’t really get what was going on… then I scrolled down to the bottom and saw the exhibition of this “art” was held in Amsterdam.  Why raise money for a US cause in Amsterdam?  Yea who knows.  Probably so they can not be embarrassed when no one shows up, blaming it on the local culture being out of touch with the US problem and not getting it’s relevance.  Ya… *hits blunt* (because Amsterdam).


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This is too good.  What you’re looking at below is a Troy Industries ad featuring Kyle Lamb (Sergeant Major, Retired):


Here’s the caption from a recent Coalition To Stop Gun Violence facebook post:

More explicit marketing of military firepower to civilians, this time by Troy Industries. High-capacity ammunition magazines are indeed “battleready,” “battletested,” and “battleproven.” They were designed to rack up body counts in war.

You have to click the above link to read some comments… I’ll post a few screenshots below, but most of the ones on the facebook post are pure ignorance and pure gold.  Sometimes I swear it’s actually pro-gun people with fake accounts making these stupid comments just to make the anti-gun look even worse than they actually are.  Either way, it’s some funny shit.

Some comment highlights:





Lots of discussion and more derpy screenshots on the Shall Not Be Questioned link at the bottom.  LOL I can’t even.

I love how CSGV can’t “lock down” posts on Facebook like they can on YouTube.  The results are always hilarious when there’s back and forth between both sides.

I get it though, the CSGV’s job is to vilify absolutely anything gun related.  The only moves they have are to talk about how much harm XXXXX poses to the general public, or how regular people don’t need YYYYY.  There’s really nothing else they can say.  It’s such a weak stance that crumbles when you draw parallels to things like motor vehicles deaths, smoking, obesity, prescription drugs, alcoholism etc.. but they just plug their ears and go *BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAGH* until you go away.


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Coalition To Stop Gun Violence grasping at trying to make you feel guilty / responsible for mass shootings and other gun violence:

You didn’t buy the gun. You didn’t pull the trigger. But if you’ve voted for politicians that refuse to support common sense gun laws, you’ve helped to facilitate mass shootings in America.

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeOMG!  The blood is on your hands… it’s on all of our hands! *eye roll*

Oh and imagine that… both Aurora and Sandy Hook are both “Gun Free Zones”.  What a breathtaking coincidence a psycho decided to go on a rampage at those places.



Or “MEAN tweets” as they like to call them… Jimmy Kimmel style:

Coalition-To-Stop-Gun-Violencehaha well.  I’m surprised they actually have a sense of humor about the tweets. I thought gun control was such serious business?  Aren’t they saving millions of lives annually? *eye roll*

If I would have known they would make a video, I would have talked shit on twitter at them every now and then to get on it.  Live and learn.



Yesterday I posted their derpy video about how Stand Your Ground law is the worst thing ever invented… then today I get sent this:

Yea read their response tweet over and let it sink in.  I really hope this “viewpoint” is just of the single idiot running the twitter account, and not the viewpoint of the whole organization.  If it is the viewpoint of the whole organization though that really wouldn’t surprise me I suppose.

It’s pretty clear what the tweet means.  If an innocent (women, child, man etc..) is getting raped, murdered, beaten, tortured, robbed etc.. and someone else has the means to stop it immediately by taking the badguy’s life CSGV would rather that not happen.  I’m assuming this statement of there’s also encompasses police.  Yea great idea… maybe CNN, FOX, NBC and what not should just advertise that criminals can do whatever they want and be assured they will not be harmed.  What a great world that would be.

I really don’t have anymore to write on this because I’m just dumbfounded.  There is actually a whole twitter argument they have (which you can read here) where they dig themselves an even deeper hole.

Coalition-To-Stop-Gun-ViolenceThese people live in a fantasy world.


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