ROFL wtf:

Taurus-CurveThis was more about baseball and selling a “lifestyle” than it was about the curve… and that’s probably a good thing.  Cool “CURVE” jersey brAh *snicker*.

Are you buying that this guy daily carries the .380 curve?  I’m not.  Thoughts?

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LOLOL this new .380 looking like a taser:


A DOA handgun, with a trigger that looks like a canoe paddle, no actual (iron) sights, a laser only, and a bent frame which is only right handed.  Cool story Taurus bros.

Taurus-CurveMore info on the handgun at the Taurus curve micro-website.

Damn and it’s not even April fools.  The release date is early 2015 with an MSRP of $392.

Thoughts?  .380 really does seem to be the trolling caliber of choice for firearm manufacturers.