Some bruthers got SO upset over this ūü§£:

In 2022, some dudes in the gun community still can’t handle the fact that not everyone is overweight with a beard and tattoos.¬† Not everyone has to look like you bro.. it’s alright, it doesn’t affect you one bit trust me.¬† In fact, the sooner the gun community as a whole becomes more accepting to what some would label as “outsiders”, it will be a lot better for absolutely everyone in the community.. and dare I say even the country as a whole.

Holy the Beretta factory does look VERY nice inside.

4:49 – Beretta really went all out with the presentation!¬† The dust bag, leather case, the gold star and vanity mirror were a nice touch.¬† I’ll have to remember what they’re capable of, for when I order my custom ENDO 93R Billennium and sawed off 686 Silver Pigeon with the bird’s head grip.

Here is one of three of Beretta’s Instagram posts about the gun.¬† If you read the comments you’ll see what I mean about the outrage:

Thoughts?¬† I didn’t even bother checking what the outrage on facebook was about this, but I’m sure it’s about the same except for the age would be skewed more to 50+ year olds.¬† Good for Beretta for not deleting comments.¬† I’m sure there was a heated discussion about that, but ultimately I think deleting comments in a situation like this does more harm than good.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Not my style in particular, but cool that he found something he loves doing which pays well:

I disagree with what he says at 3:18 – “Decorating these pieces has the purpose of giving them more value”. I think it does exactly the opposite in this case (and most cases actually). I assume people who buy these are getting them because they want something fancy that their friends don’t have, a piece of “art”. I would assume it would be less sellable (liquid) too.

Holy, that Revolver Taco Lounge has 4.0 – 4.9 stars depending on where you look and tons of positive reviews. I love tacos, I’ll have to check it out someday.



haha innnnnnnteresting:

I love how he designed the whole thing in Fusion360, and 3d printed everything.¬† It actually ended up being quite a bit more complex than I initially thought it was going to be ūüėā, and also way less portable – like a NERF BFG.

All in all this video was very anti-climatic, but I was already writing the post as I was watching it so I figured I might as well hit publish.



Holy this is magical:


The story behind it:

This is the Hi-Point JHP Block II. It has become a project of mine and a friend (the owner of this beautiful piece of American engineering). This is the product of our dreams, as both of us have thought of doing this for the longest time.

It began life as a Hi-Point JHP, but we firmly believe in improving stock products, so enter the Hi-Point Customs Hi-Point JHP Block I. The Block I featured ghost ring sights, a high speed 2.5lb match trigger, a custom stippled handjob, a custom finish, and we modified 1911 magazines to function in this fine handgun (which funny enough, has been exceedingly more reliable than the stock magazine).

Unsatisfied, we moved on to create the Block II, which involved a hand fit tactical barrel extension and a single chamber muzzle brake (dubbed T-Brake).

To couple with these upgrades, we have also tortured it, and it refuses to stop, much like George Zimmerman and Donald Trump. This gun cannot be flimflammed or stumped. From washing machines to throwing contests in mud, firing .38 spl, firing ammunition that fails to headspace, and only having been cleaned in said washing machine, this gun will not stop working.

We have also developed custom ammunition, specifically designed for lethal kinetic deployment, as well as shrouding yourself for concealment and tactical surprise. Other than that, we have also pioneered custom ammunition we call the “16” Mk.7.” This proprietary blended ammunition features compressed smokeless powder that is accelerate by not just the primer, but by a small charge of blackpowder as well (much like the 16″ Mk.7 loads seen on battleships).

The muzzle brake in action hahahha:


custom-hi-point-2Oh lawd hahhaha. ¬†There is so much win… you have to click through to see all the pics on Imgur.

This almost rivals the Dynamic Pie Concepts Ultimate Hi-Point (almost). ¬†What happened to DPC anyway? ¬†Did Hi-Point make them “disappear”? ¬†*dramatic music*


Gat tip: SayUncle via James


Man… “custom Glock Slides” are the new thing apparently. ¬†So many companies making them.

The usual expected “marketing” talk in the video. ¬†Not something I’d buy, but I’m sure PWS throwing their hat in the ring of Glock custom options is probably a decent move considering they already have the manufacturing equipment. ¬†Price is $449 with stock sights. ¬†Meh.. I fail to see how these mods will really help anyone to do anything useful other than make you appear like more of a high speed low drag operator because your Glock slide corners aren’t radius’d, they are 45 degree’d and you have serrations at the front for “press check” as they say at 0:54. ¬†Press checks are such an operational move; especially when you don’t have to be a basic bitch and only grip the slide by the rear serrations. Note that loaded chamber indicators are also for nerds… avoid giving those the time of day at any cost. ¬†The original Glock slide wasn’t broken… don’t fix it. ¬†Rant over.

Glock-Diamond-Bedazzled-Pendant-JewelryOn another note,¬†I was shocked at the YouTube comments. ¬†People were actually asking PWS to bring back “Half Cocked” (that cartoon trainwreck). ¬†I didn’t do any secondary research on the commenters but something tells me they must be PWS employees or involved in the cartoon in some other fashion haha.

Thoughts?  Do you smell a Kickstarter in the works to bring Half Cocked back?


SPEED HOLES.  Relax and take notes:




Yup that’s how it’s done. ¬†Some people *smfh*

Gat tip: SayUncle