Wow this is one of the best animations I’ve ever seen:

The animation was done by Matt Rittman. He talks about the process and what programs he used on his blog. The YouTube descriptions says it took him 500+ hours.  I don’t doubt that.


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A YouTuber got a hold of one for a Glock related book he’s writing:

It’s good to see something like this in video or in person rather than a 2D reference (you’ve probably seen this one before), if you really want to understand how it works.

TIME-Special-Ops-Glock-GrenadeI wonder if it’s considered a firearm simply because you could easily throw a non-cutaway slide on there and it would fire?  That’s my guess, because it’s not like a few strategic holes in the frame are going to stop the Glock from doing what it’s meant to do.

Damn that design is beautiful. Remember when Time Magazine trolled with that Glock 22 gen4 printed on the grenade picture?  Holy that was epic. haha


Lots more pictures of this over at Gears Of Guns.  They had it listed as an AR-15, but I made the executive decision that it was an M16A1 based on its distinguishing characteristics.

Almost brings a tear to my eye to see that someone did this to an auto lower, even though it would apparently still work fine if a regular non-cutaway upper attached.  Can’t really operate in extreme operations with your lower parts being that exposed though.

I love looking cutaway firearms.  It really gives more of an appreciation for all the work that went into creating them.




Good imagination! Reminds me of the ‘incredible machine’ game I used to play.  Needs more monkeys on bikes, punching bags, bowling balls, and trampolines etc…


Really gives a neat perspective on the different suppressor designs.